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Monday, August 28, 2006

RevGal BlogPal Announcements!


Two major housekeeping announcements:

I. WEDNESDAY FESTIVAL: This dandy feature is the closest we now have to what we used to call a "round-up."

Some things are the same: Nominations of others' writing and your own are most welcome. Also, entries of any age (era) are welcome. This is a great place to share some of your more venerable work! Be sure that entries for the week are summarized and sent with the appropriate URL to no later than midnight on Monday. (Hey-that's today!)
There is one major change: We are doing away with the weekly categories, and you may nominate any topic for any week, as long as it's on your blog or another RGBP ring member's. Think about it this way: Potluck Every Week!
One last thing: We are looking for another Festivaller to help with editing and compiling of entries. This fun task would come around once every two months; it takes approximately 1/2 hour to an hour each time. Please respond to if you are interested.

II. REVGALBLOGPAL INC., MEMBERSHIP: Please go to this post to review the info on becoming a member of the corporation, and remember that no member of the webring is required to join the corp. However, filing for incorporation, filing for non-profit status, opening a bank account and getting the required minimum number of checks and getting our own domain cost money, and the folks who have fronted those funds need to be reimbursed.

We now have eight paid memberships. We know many of you have been on vacation and otherwise busy, but if you are planning to join, now is the time! Soon we hope to have a stable membership and later in the fall, vote on our first slate of permanent officers.

Membership cost: Regular member: $25/year; full-time seminarian: $10/year; member or postulant of a religious order with a lifelong vow of poverty: no charge.

To join: Please send an email to, requesting an application form. We will return mail you the app form with address for checks. You may submit the form electronically or via mail with your check. US members are requested to send paper checks or money orders; international members should email the above address and request instructions on paying via Paypal.

Questions? Please email!

Your temporary Board of Directors: Songbird, Quotidian Grace, Mary Beth


  1. I just wanted to add to Mary Beth's post the information that we are waiting on getting enough paid memberships to be able to submit our application for 501-c-3 status with the IRS. The paperword is ready to go--but we need the check. Thanks!

  2. Forgot to say that the fee is $300.

  3. well done and thank you all- just got back from a week of summer school to find things moving on and moving up...

  4. erm when I sent a nomination the email bounced back. Sorry!

  5. Lorna, I can't imagine why that would be...we have scads of "room" available in our Gmail inbox. Would you be willing to shoot another, test, email just to check?

    thanks for trying! :) MB

  6. WHne I return from vacation I will get in touch about membership.


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