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Saturday, May 05, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party

All things are new today, at least in the lectionary passages. A new heaven, a new earth, a new commandment...So, what's new for you? What in this week's passages - lectionary or not - is giving you energy or inspiration? Where are you headed for tomorrow's sermon? What's sticking?

I've left the coffee pot set to brew for the morning. Since I'm leaving for vacation after church tomorrow, my cupboards are fairly empty, and I'll be having plain old cereal, but feel free to contribute your own offerings to the party. You know what to do - party on.


  1. Yeah I'm up and here early...leaving in about an hour for a denominational meeting. Then a wedding at 1:00 p.m. and a funeral at 2:00 p.m.
    I have done some reading but my message is just thoughts wafting through my mind right now. I'll probably wait until Sunday morning early, with caffeine to pull it together, because I still have a newsletter to finish, copy and fold tonight. My breakfast contribution is week old pastry left over from Sunday's after worship coffee hour. They are a bit crunchy, but still tasty!
    peace out--

  2. Hi QP-- I want to know how in the world you manage a wedding a 1 and a funeral at 2...

    I've got mine about half-way done, nothing else on my plate for the day except for a meeting with a friend and a party to drop into fro a while tonight.

    Not much to offer for breakfast--shredded wheat, any one?--but there's pot roast leftovers for lunch.

  3. Just walking out the door...
    The wedding will be SHORT, SIMPLE, and SWEET. I have my sports car cranked to get me from point A to point B :)
    Really it's not such a big deal--in theory at least.:| Pray for me please!
    In peace and best wishes for everyone else's day.
    Happy vacation Stacey--QP

  4. Seem to have the coffee all to myself...and the couch....I'll just stretch out here...


    To work.

  5. good morning, all! well... i find myself in an unusual position today. i don't have a word of my sermon written (that has happened before, but i usually work hard to avoid that), BUT i planned my week on monday and that was the best plan for the week, so... i never intended to have a word written until today. so, i actually slept decently last night and now i'm slowly rising, i'll head into the office, and pray a sermon comes smoothly. i've been chewing on Psalm 148 all week.

    i may have some oatmeal, but our fridge and cupboards don't have much to offer.

    wow, quaker pastor, i've had some days, but THAT. IS. A. DAY. God bless and protect you!

    Happy finishing rainbow pastor!

  6. I am thinking about the city of God...yeah. It's one of my favorite images of faith. I am a great fan of the city. So, that's where I'll live today. I comment Michel Quoist to your attention. Read him if you get a moment.

  7. okay, so I wrote a sermon yesterday afternoon, but I don't really like it so today is a re-write, from the beginning. (working on Acts 11 and it's also the day we focus on Christians in the Middle East.) Confirmation Class make-up day at 1. Need to go shopping--have no milk!

    so here's the question: first sermon is careful and safe, more educational about Christians in the Middle East and very cautious about relating it to a power imbalance situation (like the one in Acts). I think my discomfort is related to the caution. I want to find a way to say what I really believe and what I'm really passionate about, but also allow a place for those who either a) disagree or b) don't feel the same level of passion. How can I do that?

  8. I am working on my sermon, but it is in the background of these two major search process interviews. I had one set Mon-Wed and the second, from another church, happing as we speak - Thu-Sun. My sermon is written and complete with the exception of tweeking it.

    I use a summary of the movie "As Good As It Gets" to illustrate what I am calling "Gospel love," the kind of love Jesus commands (John 13:31-35). This kind of love challenges us to love those we would rather not but in the process we grow and change into true disciples. And those we love grow as well. I also use some thoughts from Margaret Gunther to help unpack this.

  9. teri, perhaps you can share with the congregation your journey of writing a safe sermon while at the same time wanting to go deeper. By using your own process as an example you may help them find their way through it as well. Maybe you could surround your existing sermon, or portions of it, with the struggle of finding a way to express your true passion to them. And just say something like, I hope we can talk about this complex issue and share the way we agree or disagree with what I am presenting here. None of us, after all, are experts on this very complex and ancient issue. But we do need to discuss and consider how we can "help" ...

    I don't mean to be directive with your question, only offering some pondering avenues from my own experience.

  10. I'm cold and tired and have a bit of a sore throat and I'm struggling away with John 13- love one another should be a no brainer- but we find it so hard to do don't we....

    may I add some really good blueberry muffins to the party fare- and some hot English tea...

  11. 'Mornin' all. No words written yet. Still mulling a bit and waiting for java to kick in.

    I have a few Cinco de Mayo cupcakes to offer - rich chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing striped in green, white, and red. I'm trying to avoid them after eating too many yesterday....

  12. Good morning, everyone!

    Oy, QP - I don't even grasp how you're pulling off the wedding and funeral so close together, even if the wedding is short, simple, and sweet. Efficiency and peace to you.

    Teri - I don't have advice for you, but I am familiar with that feeling of having been overly cautious, and wanting to be honest and courageous without alienating people. Blessings on navigating that in-between territory.

    I'm preaching mostly on the Acts passage, with some Revelation thrown in because I just love the image of it, and on God stepping right down into what's considered unclean instead of avoiding it. Then I'll tie in the implications of this in terms of the John new commandment to love one another.

    Wow, that sounds as though I actually know what I'm doing. It's a clever ruse, I assure you. Alright, off to write.

  13. I hope I'm allowed to participate in this conversation even though I'm a guy.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to put a message togeather at 2am on Sunday occasionally.

    2. I'm going to preach on the Acts passage, showing how the leadership of the wider church rightly affirmed Peter's move to full inclusion of Gentiles in the church. Because of my congregational setting, parallels to modern day issues will be implicit rather then explicit, but they're going through my mind and have been all week.

  14. I am in Acts this week, focusing on our own tendency to create and adhere to personal purity codes which causes us to say "Surely not, Lord!" when God calls us to love others who fail to meet our standards and/or expectations. Not the best stated thesis, perhaps, but that is more or less where I was heading as I wrote last night.

    It's a rainy day here - the kind that makes you want to curl up in bed with a good book (or pillow), but alas, preschoolers beg to differ on that one.

    Nothing much to offer to the breakfast table except sparkleberry pop tarts. Sorry - but feel free to help yourself.

    Spending the afternoon with Rosemary and friends at a nearby playhouse giggling over the Smoke on the Mountain Revival. Can't wait!

  15. QP, you exhaust me on many Saturdays with your busy weekend schedule. But today?? Good grief!!! Good luck with that!

  16. methodist geek - all are welcome.

    QP - wow. hang in there!

    Teri - not ignoring you, just don't have a better answer than what has been given.

    Pass me a cupcake and move over rp... oh except I am taking the morning shift with my 2 year old and then we are having a church fundraiser from 11 to 7 that I am expected pop in and out of.

    My Mom - the most flexible, bestest babysitter/Gram EVER - has strep throat so we are on our own this weekend.

    As for the sermon it is still in the same state it was during the discussion on Tuesday: thoughts in my head connecting Proverbs and the wisdom we pass on to the next generations since we have a Baptism and that is where we are in our Year of the Bible program. It is also bequest Sunday and I think I can get that in there as well.

    You know... whenever I write it.

  17. 'Morning, friends. Busy day ahead. I have absolutely no words written yet, plus I have to figure out a complicated liturgy, and I usually sort that out on Sunday morning,(in the hour before worship) but I can't tomorrow because the Confirmation class is going before session then.

    Plus I have to have this all sorted out before I go to Wondergirl's performance of "Our Town" tonight.

    Nose to the grindstone...Fair Trade organic shade-grown Morning Blend in the carafe, help yourselves.

  18. I stepped up this weekend... Both in the sense that I'm covering for another pastor for tonight's service, and that I've decided to preach on Revelation. Tuesday is the commemoration of Julian of Norwich. "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well" + God makes all things new; God doesn't make all new things + God comes down = an interpretation of Rev. that Left Behind seems to have overlooked...

  19. I'm using Revelation and John this week, the tie-in being "we bring the kingdom of God to earth by obeying the love commandment." I got a note from a teenager this week saying she doesn't feel the love in our church that she used to feel so I'm using that to challenge the members to practice loving others. Love is a verb, thus love requires action - not just sitting around feeling warm and fuzzy.

    I'm off to a breakfast meeting with the newly formed Worship Committee. We haven't had one for the last 3 years! Oh I do hope this means that I will get some help with preparing the sanctuary now and then. Back later.

    Good luck QP!

    And Teri, when I am torn between caution and prophetic witness I often phrase my more challenging points as questions. I do not necessarily answer those questions, but leave the listeners consider why they hold the positions they do.

  20. Hello all preachers and other partiers,

    No sermon writing for me today. My task is to complete a skit that the confirmation students will present as the message on May 20th. We rehearse it tomorrow. We're using Acts 16--Paul, Silas and the earthquake. There's also an action-news reporter, live on the scene.

    Since my hubby is at church activities all day, I'm also hanging with my two year old. Somehow this will get done, right?

    All I got to share are cheerios and m&ms.
    Blessings to you all.

  21. hmmm with so many skit and meditation writers amongst us maybe our next publication should be a resource...

    feeling better now- the sun has come out....

    thinking on a meditation for tomorrow....but must run to buy gerbil food and pick up some medication ( for me not the gerbils).

    Stacey- great reflections on Acts and revelation.... ah well can't switch texts now!

  22. Okay, I have a title:

    "Elvis Has Left the Building"

  23. okay, I still feel a little wussy, but since connecting the Acts story and the whole Middle East thing was kind of a lot of work, I guess I'll have to accept it as good enough. Here it is. Comments? I need them. Thanks!

    (dear God, please let the link work. thanks. love Teri.)

  24. Hit a wall. Trying to incorporate the love leading to discipleship and the Julian Divine Love bit.

    Going to take a break and meet a friend for a bit.

    Back soon--can I get anyone anything while I'm out?

  25. Teri - my friend just a few weeks ago reminded me of some great advice "do not sacrifice yourself on the altar of the perfect sermon".

    You wrote it. The Holy Spirit will guide it. Now go and enjoy some Teri time.

    By the way this could also fall under another favorite quote: "Here, take my advice - I'm not using it."

  26. thanks WS!
    I need some me time in a serious way, actually. BEFORE confirmation class in three hours! otherwise..umm..well, if you hear about missing confirmands from around here, I had nothing to do with it. ;-)

  27. I think that dreaming of the beach where I'll be sitting on Monday, and thinking of things I should pack, is getting in the way of writing a coherent sermon.

  28. Oh you productive folks! I have not the energy to unpack the mulitlayered texts in Acts & Rev or be creative with love one another. So Psalm 148 it is. We are examing how much power there is in praising God together rather than in random individual moments. We are going to do an analogy with colors... each person recieves a color (a crayon. And then I'm going to (hopefully) reveal this fantastic drawing to them using all the colors that will show them how exciting it can be when we praise God together. We'll see...

    I'm off for another cup of blueberry creme coffee and then I must draw and draw and draw... which I'll take any day over QP's double whammy afternoon!

  29. My sermon thoughts are at what the tide brings in. But the icon by Robert Lentz says more about Revelation than all my words.

  30. Here I am at the 11th hour. It has been a harried wild paced week with no time for putting a sermon together. I am off to the girl's softball game and then I will be back to finish it. Good luck to the rest.

  31. Stacey, it actually physically hurt me to read you are headed to the beach.

    which beach?

  32. Hi, I'm back from my runaway birthday trip!
    I have an outline for a sermon on how ritual participation, in this case in Communion, forms us as Christians. It's part one of an eight part series using aspects of formation outlined by John Westerhoff, but this week all I'm using from his lecture is the category. Having been exposed to four denominations fairly deeply as a young person, and then ending up in a fifth, I have a lot of stories about different experiences of Communion. I guess the end of my story will be that what matters most is not how or when we distribute the elements but that we join each other in meeting Christ at the table.
    (or something like that...)
    Meanwhile, nursing a headache with a Diet Coke and Motrin, and hoping to get writing soon.

  33. Well, believe it or not I'm done! That was the quickest sermon I've written in quite a while, I guess I had let things sit in the old mental crock pot longer than I thought.

    Now, on to shower, get over to church, and take care of the other 5,000 things I have to get ready before tomorrow's early morning session meeting! (Why did I procrastinate these things?)

    Must be back by 4:00. Clock's ticking.

  34. Aww, I'm sorry, WS! At the risk of causing great pain to all my preaching pals who aren't going on vacation after their services tomorrow...I'm headed to an all-inclusive resort on the Yucatan Peninsula. I am leaving my computer at home, and bringing books that cannot be found in the religion section of Barnes and Noble.

    But first, I must clear away the sunscreen on the brain and write this sermon.

  35. I'm still off lectionary this week. We are continuing our "Faith Renovation" series. Last week was the foundation ~ this week is the roof. "Covered by God's Grace."

    I don't have a single word written. Earlier this week I took some much needed 'me' time. I actually took two full days off. At this point I am treasuring memories of my days off and praying for inspiration to hit me in a major way between now and suppertime. After supper I have meetings and concerts to attend.

    I don't have much to offer, just some applesauce and a small can of V-8. Help yourself.

    And Teri ~ take that 'me' time and enjoy!

  36. Slept late, which makes the writing day shorter--but oh how I needed it. Katie and I will share our multi-grain hot cereal with apples cooked in.

    I will be working on both my medieval presentation for the Kalamazoo conference Wednesday and sermon for tomorrow night, which has been a source of some anxiety this week. Hadn't gotten any farther on the sermon than Tuesday's thought of connecting John's call to love and Revelation's promise that God loves us and wipes away our tears. But I woke up thinking of a way to connect my two projects by hitting lightly on my own experience of healing writing block by opening myself to love from God, others, and myself, which made it safe to put myself and my thoughts out there for the world. And broaden that to how that love empowers all of us to put forth our true and wonderful selves out for a world that may or may not accept them, especially in the example of coming out....

    Too bad I can't tie in the Acts reading lots of you have, but this should be enough--and hopefully give me energy and courage for the @@#$$%^ presentation....

    Prayers to all, and please send them this way too.

  37. I am breaking bad and not using the lectionary today. In fact, I'll be off Lectionary next Sunday you suppose the world will end? I'm preaching from John 5:1-9 - something along the lines of our reality isn't how we feel sitting by the pool. Our reality is what God gives to us.

  38. Oh how I wish my reality was sitting by the pool. Or, like Stacey, getting ready to go to the beach.

    I'm really struggling today. I'm off lectionary, preaching John 14:1-7. I took that text because I thought there was something very particular I was going to say that went with it. Now it turns out that the text itself is taking me in an entirely different direction. I scrapped my first attempt after almost 400 words and am now writing a totally different sermon than anticipated. I feel better having made the switch, but now I do not know where I am headed.

    Also, I gave in to the siren call of the cupcakes once already today, and am now trying very hard not to have another. Someone please take the rest off my hands! :)

  39. Blessings to all as you proclaim God's word tomorrow. Songbird, I'd love to read your sermon (my last congregation needs to hear it) ... will you be posting it, and may I share it?

  40. Serena, if I like it, I'll post it! Right now it's a list of ideas, still...

  41. Hey guys, guess what I have been doing to avoid writing a sermon or dealing with anything or worth? I have been changing my blog layout. I even was able to get the revgalblogpals ringsurf on to the new layout. Boy that will really preach tomorrow.

    I guess I better get back to work.

  42. LOL revabi - you are living the title of my blog.

  43. The Yucatan huh... sounds awesome. I could see why the mind would not be on a sermon.

    I am looking at another week amongst the fertilized cornfields so what's MY problem?

  44. Words are coming slowly. Suppertime is approaching....

    But I did run out to Dunkin Donuts for a Caramel Latte and some chocolate munchkins. I probably shouldn't eat them all... anyone want to share??

  45. Some superfast burritos for all of you preachers! I am worried because I am not sure if I'm doing the children's sermon tomorrow.

  46. Just settling down now to write, although I was supposed to write my sermon on Wednesday. Got a friend in town from the other side of the country and I have to hole up to write a sermon now! Hmph.

    It's been a very odd week, with some awesome me-time (I got out of town to see a concert Thursday and Friday) and then a sudden funeral planned for Monday morning for the secretary's father-in-law. So...hard to concentrate. Not about-to-go-to-the-Yucatan hard to concentrate, but still difficult.

    Is it wrong to double-dip and write a sermon on the Revelation text that can be used both on Sunday morning and for the funeral? Because that's looking reeeeeally good right now.

  47. Thank you Ann for posting your thoughts and that powerful Trinity icon. I love it! Everybody, quick, go to her place and take a look.

    A bit more than a page done so far, good intro and started getting into the Gospel. Time for a quick lunch break--not sure what's there since the grocery shoppers still aren't back. spel. Now for a quick lunch

  48. I'm back from a church grounds work day, and my "little which turned into long" nap on the couch. Sermon got mostly written yesterday, so I suppose I should read it over.

    Went with the Acts text, the Holy Spirit re-orders everything they thought was important, what is the Spirit telling us? I think that's what I said, anyway.

    No goodies to share, I left the leftover donuts and muffins at the church.

  49. Well, I'm back. Spent way more time with my frind than I menat to, but well...

    Brought back Sweet Teriyaki Chicken Wraps from Subway; and I have After Eight ice cream in the freezer for later.

    Early for dinner, but I've been talking to a British friend who was now I'm hungry...

    Just need some manicuring on the sermon...rough edges here and there and a transition or two. I made Julian the Spotlight instead of trying to put her into the sermon itself.

    How are you all doing?

  50. semfem - thou shalt double dip.

    You know folks, since we are cyber-eating anyway, we don't really have to settle for each other's leftovers.

    See, over there, next to rainbow pastor on the couch is the fudge fountain surrounded by pound cake, apple slices, banana slices and pretzels. Have at it!

    Just kindly ask rainbow pastor to move her face out of the fountain while you get yours... she won't mind. :)

  51. oh lord, children's time. I forgot. what on earth am I going to do with them? Can I just show them photos of kids I met in the Middle East, say something about how we're all baptized into God's family, and call it good?

    I still have to write the communion prayer too.

    on the bright side, the confirmation make-up day was swell. We read all the texts from the Easter Vigil as our "recap" of salvation history, then talked about what was missing (umm, anything about David, Jesus' life, or Abraham (except the knifing Isaac episode)). It was a good time. Also got to talk more about grace and not earning salvation. You would think after 5 months they'd have that part down, but no.

    two more classes to go. that's all. please Lord, let me make it. and give me an idea for children's time.....

  52. Children's time...oy. Thanks for reminding me, Teri - I need one of those too.

    Definitely double-dip, semfem. That's not lazy; it's smart.

    I'm slowly cranking out words, and getting things into suitcases. Both would probably get done faster if I'd just choose one and keep doing it rather than flitting back and forth.

  53. Teri, I think that children's time sounds perfect.

  54. Well, I'm home again. Sermon is written, complicated liturgy is untangled, gifts for confirmands are wrapped.

    Now to eat a little dinner,go see Wondergirl's play, then come home and worry that tomorrow's sermon is a dog.

    Peace to all who are still writing, and a big pat on the back to all who have preached already.

  55. So, let me get this straight. If I took the donuts and smothered them in the chocolate fountain and cyber-ate them, it wouldn't make me feel disgusting for the rest of the day? Bring on the fountain!

    And I really like Teri's children's sermon...I have this toy globe that has wooden dolls dressed from different places...I think I'll take that and we can discuss how Jesus loves all these different looking people. Thanks Teri!

  56. wow this place has been busy today

    Stacey enjoy the beach from Monday....

    I'm just about done now
    I'm preaching at our "cafe" chuch tomorrow which means an interactive service- needs a fair ammount of preparation but not a directive sermon- scary stuff- God speaks!!!

  57. peace be with you cheesehead :-)

  58. I'm off for a little while for a concert at church. Hope all the preparation is coming along well for all of you in the meantime.

  59. I'm quoting myself from the Tuesday discussion thread on a Children's time for this week's lectionary passsages:
    For a Children's Time on the Acts passage, how about a discussion of eating habits in different cultures, perhaps using a locally visible group as an example, then explaining that when Peter and his friends went out to tell the Gentiles about Jesus, they were worried about people eating different food until Peter had a dream telling him that how and what people eat doesn't matter; the love of Jesus is for everyone.
    All the better if you've been to visit another country and can talk about it, teri.

  60. Y'all, I need some encouragement. I got about halfway there, then went out to a belated birthday dinner with my kids. Let's just say there is a dangerous soporific effect at work here. Any suggestions for overcoming it?

  61. Still haven't gotten back to the sermon, and we're gonna swim in a minute...but I did finish up a big post on related issues and it's up at my place, so hopefully that will help. (Along with getting the restitution-for-therapy-and-lost-wages request I've been working on for months sent off to the abuser and the university that helped it happen). Cause often saying what my heart needs to say means I can say what I have to say....

    Hang in everyone who's still writing; I'll be back in a while.

  62. Songbird, I suggest donuts from the chocolate fountain. As long as you "cyber-eat" them, you can have as many as you want and keep the sugar high going.

    Seriously, blessings on the second half.

  63. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and offer some encouragement-

    I hope that you are all finding the inspiration you need and the joy that Saturday evening work requires-

    Oh yes. And red wine. I found that always encouraged the Holy Spirit.

  64. Those cyber-donuts did the trick! Thanks!!

  65. In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I offer you tacos and margaritas at this late hour ... Vaya con dios, mi amigas y amigos!

    [May God be with you, my friends of both genders!]

    Predique la palabra del Dios!

    [Preach the Word fo God!]

  66. SB, I was going to suggest Dr Pepper to keep you works for me. Every Sunday, actually. I just picked up my DP for tomorrow (a two-services-with-communion, teaching-the-Lord's-Prayer-in-Arabic-during-SS, Mother's-Day-Brunch/Tea, home-communion-to-old-people, confirmation-class day).

    I love the different kinds of food much that I suggested it as one of the rotations for the SS hour (all the kids are doing their SS together in Fellowship Hall tomorrow). They are learning about the Middle East, so we're bringing them different Middle Eastern foods .

    I printed some new photos. If you need some, you can find mine at there are photos from egypt, israel/palestine, syria, lebanon, jordan, greece, italy, and around the US. enjoy.

  67. Will Smama,

    Did you want that frozen, Sangria swirl optional, or on the rocks?

  68. Will y'all still love me if I tell you I'm going to bed early? Please bear in mind that I drove 425 miles over the past two days. Please?

  69. Frozen.

    And yeah the driving... that's why you're tired sb.

  70. But did you have a wonderful B-day with Pure Luck, SB?

    Watch out for the brain freeze WS

  71. I'll have half a refill please (it feels good on my throat).

  72. I'm back from the concert, and finishing up (mostly typing out what I wrote while listening to the concert). Then I'll be back to packing. Margaritas sound fabulous.

  73. Yes, definitely with salt! Thanks :)

  74. Hallelujah, I am finally done. How about the rest of you? Anyone still around?

  75. i had a nummy frozen margarita tonight too... mmm... congrats on being done, stacey! and everyone... rest well or write well... whatever the case may be... and may the Spirit infuse your preaching tomorrow.

  76. I'm still here, but feeling a lot better about things. Just need to make the dang point already and end the thing.

    Stacey, the salt/no salt discussion had me envisioning you sharing margaritas on the beach with Milton from Office Space.

    Have a blast... try not to push those parishioners out the door too quickly lest they catch on!

  77. I got a pretty decent outline done (although somewhere in there my emphasis switched from Revelation to Acts), then went out to dinner with my friend who's in town.

    Then took a much-needed shower, etc. etc., but all that means that I'm just now sitting down to actually grind out some words. I kind of need a head-on-the-desk nap first. Or maybe some caffeine.

    Hope it's going better out there for all y'all.

  78. semfem - you can do it, I KNOW it!

  79. I'm still here, a lot closer to done, but don't know when I'll put it to bed. Got a burst of inspiration while swimming, wrote a bunch, had a fantastic dinner and house mass and bedtime prayers and songs were going great, all was looking good for a quick and happy finish. And then Nicholas freaked out worse than he has in ages and kept Katie from going to sleep too, and there are still sounds from restless natives back there. And the noisy annoying Cinco de Mayo party in the community center isn't helping.

    I am so ready for my margarita now.... Frozen, raspberry if you've got it, please, sugar on the rim?

    And maybe a couple of tranquilizer darts to shoot into their bedroom?

  80. Okay, the margarita and tranquilizer darts did the trick. Thanks! All is quiet on the western front, and I'm liking the sermon...just need some more practice on the delivery for tomorrow night. So hopefully this means that during the day tomorrow I can be doing the medieval thing.

    Prayers and blessings as everyone proclaims tomorrow morning (or right now, maybe, if you're Sally?)

    Check it out at my place:

    Fully Alive!

  81. I'm pretty sure everyone else out there is sleeping...but I'm going strong now after a head-on-the-desk nap! Got a page and a bit and a clear way forward.

    And...she's OFF!

  82. Done, exhausted, going to bed. Thanks for the encouragement will smama, and everyone by your presence.

    Blessings on the proclamation we all share.

  83. Ooo, semfem - just missed ya! Glad it came together and I hope QP is somewhere getting it together.

    Have fun today friends, may you recognize the Holy Spirit's presence today as you present the Good News - whether it be via sermon, meditation, skit, presenation or other!

  84. I'm here and working...
    yesterday was incredible, so I'm looking forward to a Sunday afternoon nap.
    At 1:15 p.m. I was still waiting for the 1:oo wedding to START.Let's just say that although I did make the funeral on time, (wedding 12 minutes, drive to funeral home 10 minutes, look on funeral director's face priceless)my heart is still seeking its regular rhythm. Thanks for all the prayers yesterday. And now back to the show! Peace, ya'll and happy Sunday--QP

  85. I spent yesterday way too busy, no time to party. A four hour grilling by search committee...don't get me started. Suffice it to say we NOT in the same political arena. The one doing the grilling is a former air force jag. I held my own in a loving way. But was exhausted and very discouraged since it is much the same stuff I've dealt with for six years at small church. sigh.

    Anyway, for what it's worth sermon is done. Theme. love. hah.LOL..

    Maybe I post again on my blog...and will write more. But it continues to refuse to let me on. "Cannot connect to" sigh, sigh, sigh.

    I hope you all have a blessed day, that Spirit fills your words and has your back.

  86. RDQ, yes, it was great fun!
    Will Smama, I only count 5:35 between comments. Did you sleep at all?
    I think I'm coming down with something, can't stop coughing, feel exhausted despite many hours in bed. Bleh. (No jokes about hours in bed, now, okay?)
    Bless you all as you preach God's word today.

  87. mine all came together this morning

    Hope you are soon better Songbird


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