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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sunday Prayer

As always, this prayer is cross-posted on my blog.

Gracious God, as this new day begins, my heart swells with the wonder of it all. I give thanks for the blessings that stand out as beacons of your grace and power...the tiny baby whose every movement, every sound, speaks of your power of creation. I give thanks for signs of spring all around us...the buds on the trees and the green grass emerging after a long winter.

Compassionate God, I give thanks that even in times of struggle, you are there. I am grateful for the community of care surrounding the grieving families I have worked with this week. Bless them and grant them your peace.

God, your greatest hope for creation is that we Love. May every day of my life be a genuine quest to love you with all my being and to love my neighbour. Teach me God to live well the gospel which I proclaim in the name of the One who calls me, leads me, and holds me - Jesus Christ - who taught us to pray together saying...

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