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Saturday, November 19, 2011

11th Hour Preacher Party: What's Wrong with Goats? (and other distractions) edition....

Ok, so this photo is neither a sheep nor a goat...It is Oliver, my daughter's dog, showing off one of his tricks - balancing a tennis ball on his head. He is such a goof-ball. I am looking forward to his visit in a week's time when all our kids are here for to celebrate Thanksgiving and a family birthday.

That's what I'm up to this week - balancing a lot of different events and activities. The Church I serve is hosting our first ever, shop local, shop small "Alternative Holiday Market" on Sunday night. We have thirty vendors and artists coming to sell their goods - and I really hope a lot of shoppers too! (And, yes in this interfaith town it is a holiday market)...

Then my son arrives on Monday night, he'll join us for Thanksgiving dinner and some home decorating. Next weekend my daughter and her boyfriend arrive and so, with all our kids here, we will host an open house at the Rectory. That means lots of decorating and baking will take place, even though it is a simple open house of cookies, coffee, tea, and cider. Oh, and "a decorate your own Christmas ornament" craft project during the Open, with all that ahead of me...I still need to get a sermon written....

SO! Good Morning, Preachers!

We are celebrating the Reign of Christ this Sunday, and it's our "Feast of Title" we are Christ Church...anyway, I am still wondering where I am going with the scripture readings, and getting distracted with a thought that came up in a Bible study "What's wrong with goats?" and "Why is Jesus picking on goats in this parable"...I mean, I know it's not really about sheep and goats, but see how easily distracted I am?

Anyway, you can find the texts here, and a discussion on the texts here. I am not sure where I am going with the texts, but I may be going someplace along the lines of this from Jan at The Painted Prayerbook

"When was it that we saw you?

.... I think of how my deepest regrets—what few I allow myself—are most often attached to occasions when I didn’t see. Didn’t know how to see, didn’t yet have the eyes for seeing. The realization of it—the dawning knowledge of where my vision was lacking—is itself a kind of punishment. But an invitation, too. To learn to look more closely. To take in what I have rushed past.

When was it that we saw you?"

Although it is possible that the Spirit will lead me in a very different direction.

What about you? Where are you being led? Looking for some ideas or help for children's time? Worried about something or someone? Whatever is causing you to be distracted today, we are here to help.

I have lots of coffee, tea, yogurt, oatmeal, apples, and bananas to get us started! Pull up a chair, grab a mug, and let me know what I can get for you, 'k? I'm really grateful you are here today.


  1. HI,

    This morning went to a training session for Mentors - 2 hours plus over two hours driving, and returned home to a message that one of the congregation had been taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. went to visit, the hospital is 30 minutes away, and she is looking fine, until she does anything, then gets breathless. the hospital is admitting her for a few days.

    Now to think some more about Sunday: the last two Sundays we have been off-lectionary, one for All Saints, then a Breakfast giving thanks service. sermon is started, not bad for 6.00pm Saturday, but needs some rethinking.
    I am looking at all 3 weeks readings. if this is Christ the King, or the reign of Christ, what is the kingdom like.
    I am thinking of the kingdom that comes in surprising moments of love, of acts of kindness, of grace. kingdom moments that come when we are not overwhelmed by fear [the 3rd slave].

    recently we have had a visit from Queen of England and President of USA; what are their kingdoms like? what is the kingdom of God like?

    that is at the moment. a few prayers to write and the sermon to get into shape.
    Sorry, can't help with children's address, someone else is rosterd this week.

    time for a break and get dinner ready, left over roast beef and baked vegies.

  2. Not Friday yet here on the Left Coast-- but I just put the sourdough out to work for waffles in the morning. I'll be geeking out with a visiting seminary friend (and guest preacher, bless him!); looking forward to hearing what you all come up with as well.

  3. Awakened by a heavy chest due to upper respiratory infection, I got up to use an inhaler and get some orange juice to drink. I couldn't fall right back to sleep so I checked email, then FB, now I'm here. Tomorrow holds a day long meeting so I'll be busy, well really, I'll probably be more bored than busy, but you know what I mean.

    Anyway, Sunday is the congregational Thanksgiving and it is also our pledge card commitment Sunday. The text is 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 (Thanksgiving). I'd love any stories you have that goes with that text. (That sentence doesn't sound right. But I can't make it sound right either. Must be time to go back to bed.)

  4. Vicar,

    can you use the illness to avoid the meeting? put it down as good self-care?

    sleep well.

  5. I am here, trying to write a funeral sermon for tomorrow (Saturday) after falling asleep during my first attempt. Third funeral in three weeks and we (the whole congregation) are getting fatigued. Me falling asleep while sermonating, though...that's just par for the course.

    After the funeral it will be time to write on the sheep and the goats for Sunday morning and a short reflection for Sunday night's community Thanksgiving service.

    I like where pearl is going...both with the sermon and with the suggestion that Vicar use her illness to excuse herself from the meeting!

  6. Vicar, please stay in bed! If you're that sick, no one wants you to go to the meeting!!! Which is to say, we all want you to rest, and the people you would see will not want your germs. I hope you can stay home.

    Today is our church fair, and then when I get home, I'll be seeing my recently ex-husband, who is finally coming to move his things out of my garage. All this being the case, I started working on my sermon earlier in the week than usual. I have a draft, but I'll look at it again this afternoon, hoping it actually makes sense. I don't trust those early manuscripts, because I am? a Saturday sermon writer.

    Back later.

  7. Hi,

    here is what I am printing for tomorrow, not sure it says what I wanted to, but can't fit too much more in.
    the Kingdom of Heaven

    Semfem and Songbird, sounds like busy days, hope it all goes smoothly.

    Time for chamomile tea and bed.

  8. I agree with all of you! I just sent emails to the meeting people and the carpool people saying I'm sick and staying home. I didn't really get back to sleep before the alarm was to go off because I was afraid to take the medicine that would help me sleep for fear of oversleeping. Now, I'm taking the good stuff and sleeping! See you later

  9. Woohoo, good call Vicar!

    UGH! How did it get to be 7 am already?! Must...write...faster...

  10. Well, today will be a new experience for me. I have my 11 year old soon-to-be foster (and eventually adopted) son here for the weekend, our last big visit before he moves in permanently Wednesday. It will be interesting to see what sermon-writing with a kid around is like.

    I'm preaching on Ephesians, but all I have so far is the title: "Full of Christ." A little tongue-in-cheek fun. I had planned on focusing on that last line, talking about the church being full of Christ, but after an upsetting haggle with the Trustees over my maternity leave, I'm not exactly feeling that sentiment. In fact, I'm feeling much more like preaching on the line from Ezekial about "pushing with the flank and shoulder, and butted at all the weak animals with your horns..." But alas, I'll stick with Paul. It is a beautiful passage. At the moment I'm feeling led toward something about preparing for Advent, opening our hearts to be enlightened that we might know the hope to which we are being called. We shall see. Time to try and crank something out before the boy wakes up!

  11. Good morning, all! I've been up for awhile but have three dogs and two cats that need breakfast before anything else happens in my house...oh, I need a cup of coffee! What about you? What can I get you?

    A lot going on here, already.

    Pearl, I stop by soon to read your sermon. Sounds like you have had a wild day, I hope the hospitalized parishioner will be ok.

    Jane Ellen, sourdough waffles, oh my, yes please!

    Vicar, I am grateful you can stay home and tend to yourself.

    SemFem, I have had months like the one you are having, all those deaths in a row is exhausting and despairing. I hope you find time to rest, grieve, and restore some energy.

    Songbird, you have a busy day of good, and of challenging things to do. Will hold you in prayer for that visit/pick up of things by the ex...sigh

    Beth, how delightful! I hope all goes well!

    I''m sitting in the living room, with a cat on my lap, a fire in the fireplace, and delicious cup of coffee. This is where I will be most of the day. And, also some time at the church as we get set up for the market tomorrow night. It's very exciting for us. But most distracting for me. I must focus and think about this sermon...

  12. I'm using a sustainable sermon today - fortunate for me that I preached this weekend while on internship and so had a sermon in my back pocket. I was supposed to be at camp with my confirmation kids today, but the event was cancelled because of the storm flying through.

    That leaves me with 'extra' time to get a jump start on next week's community thanksgiving service and other paperwork on my desk.

    I just got back from taking the boy out to join his hunting party. It's his first ever time out and he's pretty excited to be doing this manly activity. Mom is not so excited and fairly worried about her baby with a rifle!

    In addition to paperwork, I have some pre-thanksgiving baking to do.

    Terri - the holiday market sounds so cool! I want to come!

    Vicar - praying that some sleep helps you kick that bug in short order!

  13. Hey Ramona! Welcome....(I'd be worried too, as a Momma...)

    Well, after two hours of intensive writing I think I have a sermon draft. A bit odd, since I did not anticipate it pouring out of me as it did...anyway, I'm going to let it perculate awhile.

    Now I think I'll make some breakfast - banana pancakes anyone?

  14. Okay, funeral sermon is finished just in time. Be back later to work on the Sunday sermons, hopefully after a nap and a trip to the gym.

    Ramona, I am a little envious that you can pull from internship...I look at my sermons from that year and just blanch and think "I can't preach that!"...what an understanding congregation I had!

  15. semfem, holding you and your congregation in prayer...(and yes, like you - no sustainable sermon here, but I did look...)

  16. Good morning preachers!

    I actually love today's gospel, but I'm not preaching this weekend b/c my seminarian intern is...I should however work on my sermon for our Wednesday evening Thanksgiving service. And maybe for next Sunday as well, since I will probably be traveling home next Saturday. I'm going to VT on Thursday to spend T'gving with my older daughter and grandson. She's had some family trauma to deal with this week and needs some TLC. Other daughter meanwhile is traveling to in-laws and I will miss seeing the other grandbabies.

    Youngest son (known to some of you as the Kid) turned 20 yesterday, so I am no longer the mother of a teen. He is moving to VT when we go Thursday so we're packing him up and I'm bracing myself for a truly empty next for a while.

    BTW. last week's sermon about the talents in which I talked a little bit about using our new bequest went over well, as did the vestry meeting where we outlined our proposal. Nonetheless the negative rumors about what we might do with the money have already started as well :(

    Now I'm going to so some cleaning and then hopefullly some sermon prep...but y'all know my track record when I'm working w/o a close deadline!

  17. Good morning, all!

    Vicar, good for you and fell better soon!

    semfem, I hope the funeral goes well! And like you and Terri, I looked at my old sermons on Matthew and just thought, "Bleh!" I got embarrassed just reading them.

    SB, thinking of you as you have to see your ex today. Good on you for getting a draft together early.

    I tried to have a full draft done before today, as my husband is off for the weekend delivering a series of lectures and a sermon at another church, so I am single-parenting it as well as trying to prepare for guests to arrive on Tuesday. I didn't actually finish the sermon but I do have a good start (maybe 1/3 done) and I know where I'm going and a good bit of what I'm trying to say. I was able to sleep in a bit today, and it feels good not to start today feeling oppressed and/or panicked. But it also kind of sucks to have used my day off (yesterday) to do sermon work and *still* have to work today. This is why I usually don't let myself even try to write on Fridays, because it mostly just means I don't get a day off, not that I actually finish early. My writing tends to expand to fill the time I have.

    I'm going to try to get focused now and get 'er done. It would be great if I could finish by midday and then have time to spend with my boys (and prep for Sunday School, children's message, and Youth Group - ack!)

  18. RevDrMom, welcome! Glad your sermkn went well last week. Weird, isnt it, the way people will let their anxiety bleed into rumors...sigh. Hope you fet a good start on the sermkns you need to prepare.

  19. Vicar - get well soon!
    Songbird - prayers for this day.
    Teri - pancakes? be right there...

    sermon mostly done, it's a recap of Matthew, whose point is faith has to have feet - faith in action. just need a dandy way to wrap it up!

    been fighting a cold. need to hit the store for Vitamin C it was 60 yesterday and today we will barely move above freezing... with freezing rain falling! fun fun fun

  20. Hotcup! Welcome!! I hope you are ot getting a cold. And yes, Matthew=faith with feet. Hehehehe

  21. Good morning pals,

    Week two of being in transition. I'm having a bit of a hard time today. I've ended an interim ministry a few weeks ago and am now searching for a settled position. There is a strong possibility but the conversation has been slow. So I'm a bit anxious this morning, wondering if I'll ever get a settled position. I never thought I'd say this but I miss the spiritual disciplines of scripture study and writing sermons.

    Prayers to all as you go about your busy lives, sermonations and healing.

  22. Well, my morning shower has suggested that I focus on the line, "Lord, when did we...." In this day and age, we are so very aware when we take care of those in need although maybe not so much when we don't. So I need to think some more about those that acted out of faith even when they weren't aware that they were doing to the least of these. Any ideas?

    I still think I am going to talk about the fact that we are all sheep and goats, sometimes in the same hour. And that outer darkness happens right here; we don't need to wait for the coming of the King to live in hell.

    I think I'm going to have to write this one down. Otherwise, I can see myself wandering all over the place.

    And now out to the bazaar at a sister parish and maybe pancakes at the Cracker Barrel. You all have whetted my appetite!

  23. Beth, what a wonderful visit today, with your growing family!

    Semfem, that many funerals is exhausting. Take care of yourself, too.

    Songbird, may you be surrounded by God's gentle spirit as your ex comes to take his things today.

    GG, it is so hard to find peace when life is unsettled; I hope it comes by surprise and gives you a time of refreshment rather than worry.

    I am trying to get myself moving to go to the grocery store for the big T'giving shopping before the store gets crowded. Not what I want to do! My teen son fell asleep in bed with me last night as we were watching late night tv--husband is away with younger son--and I would far rather still be snoozing with him, remembering those days when he was small enough to tuck between my chin and hip. I have no prep to do for tomorrow, which leaves me with no excuse for not doing cleaning to get ready for house guests this week.

    May the Spirit of sermonizing blow briskly through your lives today, so that all of you who are writing can move on to other things!

  24. God_gurl, i understand. Prayers for you.

    Margaret, i like where you are going with your sermkn ideas!

    Betsy, welcome! I was just talking about you last ight with my friend who is a priest in your diocese at a church where a friend of yours use to serve....need to connect the two of you...hope your shopping goes well...

    I'm heading to the office for a bit to check on the set up for tomorrow, then I'm getting a mich nedded hair cut and manicure.

  25. Okay, I have a draft done. I don't feel great about it, but I'm going to let it sit and percolate for awhile, and then revisit it again later.

    I am still in my pjs, as are my sons, and none of us have had lunch yet (almost 2:00 here), so I guess it's time I tended to these things instead of just my sermon.

    I'll check in later! Wish I had some yummy food to share, but for now I think all I've got is grilled cheese (and some bit-size Snickers - plenty! please take some!)

  26. Just got word that the HOS will probably be there and still be ready "just in case."
    AND I am making Christ the King cookies. (sugar cookies cut out in crown shape with m and m's as jewels.
    I try to do stuff for the kidos when I can.

  27. Welcome Earthchick - yum, I love grilled cheese!...and long mornings in PJ's...glad you have a draft that can sit a bit....

    1-4 Grace, love those cookies! I could use a little sweet just about now, to go with my tea.

    I'm back with newly coiffed hair and a manicure. Feeling refreshed and ready to look at that sermon again...

    tea anyone? dark chocolate, perhaps?

  28. I have a fridge and freezer full of food, but none of it is ready for eating today; come back on Thursday! However, in just a bit I hope to have a pear coffee cake :-)

  29. The good news is: he came for his stuff. The bad news is: it was too much for his car and a friend's truck, so I am awaiting a second appearance.
    Meanwhile, I did a little sermon tweaking, and I've posted it: Community. I'm using the Thanksgiving texts, as we did Christ the King last week. That sermon is up, too, if you want to take a look at it: All the other gods. And lastly, in case it's any use at all, a poem I wrote and used on last week's bulletin cover: cornucopia.
    I'll check in later, after...

  30. Thank you so much Terri, earthchick, and Betsy for your prayers...the funeral and lunch went very smoothly, the family was as happy as could be under the circumstances, and the widow was absolutely thrilled with everything. more deaths for a while, PLEASE God!

    I got back later than I wanted to and I think sleep is more pressing than working out, so I may do a few things and then take a nap. No real time for self for a few days, but I leave Monday night for some time away for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it.

    Looks like several people are already finished--yay! Prayers for those who are sick (Vicar, HotCup) and those in transition (God_Guurrlll, and sort of Songbird).

    (Oh I almost forgot to work stewardship and baptism into my sermon on sheep and goats. busy day tomorrow)

  31. Songbird, that is just par for the course is it not? sigh. Will be round later to read your sermon.

    semfem, glad it all went well. I hope you are able to rest.

    Betsy, it's always a bit of challenge to a full freezer in preparation for Thanksgiving...sometimes I don't know what to do with the stuff I usually have in the

    Well. Things at church in preparation for the set up for the Holiday Market are a bit chaotic. I really need to get home and eat some dinner...and this afternoon simply did not play out as I had hoped...but in the end all will be well.

    My sermon is posted...Eyes, Hands, and heart, or, What it means to have faith with feet (thanks HC for helping me with the title...I hope you weren't going to use it?)

  32. A late check-in and "Hi" to everyone!

    I'm not preaching tomorrow; it's the Assistant Pastor's turn.

    It's just as well. I am stressed and tired and also wired after two weeks of grief and uncertainty. My next door neighbor, who was a dear friend, died rather unexpectedly less than 2 weeks ago and I had agreed to be her 17 year old son's guardian "if anything happened to her" and so here we are. The problem was that she got sick, got the will drawn up with an attorney, and then died before it got signed, so there are a few legal hoops and family issues that are still being worked out.

    Meanwhile, all this other stuff keeps happening as if the world can't respect that enough is enough. The latest: Two sisters-in-law got into a fist fight at choir practice Thursday night, and one got a busted lip! I'm plum out of patience with some (*cough*-men-*cough*) who think it's funny.

    I add my prayers for those who are ill and for those facing challenging situations and especially for all of you who are preaching tomorrow!

  33. Oh Sharon....holding you in prayer! And all concerned too.

  34. Well here it is 5pm and I have been home for maybe 3 hours since the alarm went off at 7 this morning.

    SErmon? I think I know where it is going.

    Cgildren's Time? ugh. Maybe my fallback for this MAtthew reading --the story of MArtin the cobbler.

    Meanwhile I would love to have a nap.

  35. Hey, Gord! Sorry you have such a busy day. Maybe one of the night owls has a good children's time idea? We dont hold childrens time in my parish/denomination (typically)... So i havent planned anything.

  36. I saw a story mentioned, not sure if it was here or somewhere else, written by Queen Martha of Sweden called "Why kings and queens don't wear crowns" don't have story but can imagine it and I was going to use the idea of Jesus being in among people - as a servant king rather than a king who stays away from people.
    Been guddling about all day - had nothing on except a rehearsal for a blue grass gospel concert we're doing tomorrow night. But STILL no nearer finishing sermon. Have been feeling just yucky all day - no particular reason - hope it passes soon.
    Sharon, sending hugs and prayers.
    Already Sunday am here - better get back to work.

  37. Liz, welcome! I hope you feel better and the day goes well.

  38. The mighty hunter has returned victorious - the boy actually got his first deer. I'm not sure how I feel about it - I'm not a hunter person myself, but I understand that's how many people feed their families and we need to keep the deer population under control. It's certainly not anything I ever thought my city-boy would do, but when you move the city-boy to South Dakota...

    Now I just have to learn how to cook deer.

  39. Ramona, cook venison like you would cook any red meat. Don't bother with the 'cheap' cuts. use the tenderloin and grind up the rest. (if you can) It's the only red meat I eat and we do feed our family on it and a good bit of chicken. congrats to the 'boy'.

    I've missed being here on Saturdays, it has been a busy month. We had about 15 people go to visit members who moved away this summer. It was a full day but I didn't have to drive. Sermon was done last night and ive edited and now need to cook up some stuff for tomorrow's carry-in. I don't usually bother with much but am worried there won't be enough food and it's our annual meeting. Plus I have a boatload of fall greens from our CSA and most of the family could care less. Maybe some church folks will appreciate them!
    Blessings to all the writers. I'll post my sermon later.

  40. Songbird, I am sorry you have to wait for a second coming, as it were, one of a less than welcome kind.

    Sharon, one of my sons is will be 17 in a few weeks, and all I can say is God bless you and this young man. What a terrible shock for both of you. Lots of prayers ascending.

    The pear streusel coffee cake is out of the oven and awaiting eating, so grab a piece if you like. There's an apple spice dump cake in the oven still, if that's your preference :-)

  41. Hey Ramona....I am not a big fan of hunting or deer meat either, but there are some good recipes for chili and other dishes.

  42. Hi Rev Nancy, so glad you are able to pop in for a bit! What a full day for you!

  43. I'm calling it a day - hoping sleep will make everything better, sermon included. LOL Posted here
    I'll take some of that spiced apple dump cake on my way to bed, Betsy. thanks,
    Terri, thanks for hosting.

  44. I have to call it a night soon, so i can rise early and engage in a long day - two services of preaching and presiding followed by set up for the Alternatice Market, and Evensong, and then the market itself. Wont be home until late tomorrow night. So, heres to hoping all of you have a good nights rest and good day tomorrow! Pray for me, please, as i am a little anxious hoping that all goes well tomorrow!

  45. The bad thing about having a sustainable sermon is that I tinker and tinker and tinker. I think I've edited and changed back the same sentence 50 times. Here's why I just wanna be a sheep.

    I'm finding it frustrating that I cannot come up with concrete examples of how this congregation is in ministry. Part of the problem is that so much of the congregaitonal's ministry is on the individual level rather than organized groups - and it's really hard to single out what John is doing, or Sally and not mention Bill or Carol... Still, I feel like I don't know either of my congregations very well after 5 months.

    Betsy, some of that apple spice dump cake would make me feel better! Yum!

  46. liz - - Is there something in that king wanting to be among the people in the Will/Kate practice of royalty? That's gone through my head more than once this week.

    I'm going very nervously with Ephesians. I am not usually a Paul preacher, but the grandeur was speaking to me, not necessarily in a nice way, but speaking to me just the same. I struggle to bring my Christology so high to glory and honor and power, etc, etc. It isn't an attitude the just springs up from me naturally.

    Mostly I'm feeling the wideness of the reign of Christ in this passage - - the huge all-encompassing scope of it. And yet "huge all-encompassing" means not just the corners of the universe, but to each and every detail of our lives. The reign of Christ is so big it reaches out into the widest expanses and deep into the tiniest nooks and crannies. There is nothing outside of the scope of Christ's reign. I'm remembering something once pointed out about astronomical photography and micro-photography. The pictures of the universe and the pictures of atoms and particles even smaller are strikingly similar. Someone that seems to relate to this, but I haven't figure out exactly how. Christ's reign is as similar as those pictures.

    Anyway, the "practical" side of this will be the exploration of what we try to hold back from God, what we try to keep under our own reign instead of acknowledging and following Christ's reign -- our checkbooks? our ______? How about even for me my passion, my energy, my willingness to offer praise and honor and glory?? Hmmm...I hadn't even thought about that until right now.

    So, I'm uncomfortable enough with Paul and Christ the King that I'm writing this one out as a manuscript. I need to know exactly what I'm going to say. It's a different than a narrative text where I feel more free to explore and wonder and preach without my exact words.

  47. I want to thank everyone who posts their sermons on this blog. I can't tell you how important it is for me to have this place of spiritual nourishment. There is always something that makes me think, see God in a new way, or speaks to my heart exactly where I am.

    It just seemed right on this weekend leading up to Thanksgiving, to let you know how grateful I am for all of you.

  48. Staying in bed most of the day was a good choice! I forgot to get ink for the printer earlier in the week so I had to venture out & also go to the store for the main ingredient for the dish for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal. Then I had to go back after mistakenly pouring out the good milk instead of the bad milk. Even after all of that, I managed to cobble together a Thanksgiving sermon. Now the sermon and prayers are printed. All I need to do is mix up the dish for tomorrow. And I don't feel horrid. I consider that a reason to give thanks.

  49. tomorrow we have some youth doing an awesome skit (if I do say so myself, says the author) that turns the Lion King into Christ the King...with the youth and children's choirs singing some pieces from the Lion King musical (Circle of Life, I Just Can't Wait To Be King, and He Lives In You) throughout. At the early service though, I'll be preaching...and I definitely just finished a sermon that will incorporate a clip of I Just Can't Wait To Be King from the Lion King movie. :-) The sermon ends up being about how we train ourselves in king-vision--how we learn to see the image of God in people, and therefore serve them rather than only ourselves. It's an anti-idolatry sermon...historically appropriate for CtK, I suppose! the skit is about the difference between being the Body of Christ who is a king like the world's kings vs. the kind of king revealed in scripture. The text for both is Matthew...

    Now to collect the props for tomorrow! :-)

  50. team just lost a REALLY close one. Bummed.

    On the bright side, I have pizza for anyone who missed supper or needs a late night snack!

    Now I have quite a few illustrations and pieces of information swirling around in my head...if I can start organizing them and getting them down soon, I have a chance at getting sleep.

    Teri, it all sounds awesome!
    Vicar, glad you are feeling a bit better!

  51. I think I got sucked into your game, semfem. Holy cow. Now I'm being held captive by the other close upset. Only 3 minutes left, thank goodness, since I haven't done a thing since I got the this computer 2 hours ago.

  52. Hey...if my team's going to be upset, I want as many other top 10 teams as possible to be upset as well. :)

  53. 51 seconds....

    So, I haven't done a darn thing yet, but if you add up all the words I wrote on Wednesday night when I was making sure I really wanted to preach on Ephesians, I have 868. Not bad at all. A lot of it is even useful.

  54. Just stikcing my head in to say hi.

    I have a half a sermon - but I'm all fuzzy headed so I'm having an early-to-bed-early-up kind of night. Hoping I'll be fresher at 6 am than 9 pm might be wishful thinking, but...

    Just got back from taking son to a wacky piano recital - at Costco of all places. Playing for people waiting in line for Santa (seriously! Santa already!). It was kind of bad - we left early - after the solo part but before his slotted group part. Wow, I find those big warehouse stores so overwhelming. Hence the fuzzy brain.

    Earthchick- right with you on the "This is why I usually don't let myself even try to write on Fridays, because it mostly just means I don't get a day off, not that I actually finish early. My writing tends to expand to fill the time I have." That is it EXACTLY.

    Have a great night, you night time writers. And blessings on your proclaimings tomorrow!

  55. Football games are all over. I found some awesome macro and microphotography to illustrate a point if I end up making it. I have no new words written.

    I'll get my outline together here quickly, change the baby's diaper in her cast (fingers crossed it comes off Wednesday), see if I can quickly finish the Hanging of the Greens parts that I want to hand out tomorrow, and go to bed. The sermon will come together in the morning.

    If you see me here again tonight tell me to get off!

  56. Well, I fell asleep before I could get things organized, so now I have a four hour nap under my belt, but still just a long list of ideas and illustrations in no logical order rather than a sermon. Great!

    I hope I'm the only one awake and that the rest of y'all are sleeping. Am I right or is anyone else out there?

    Maybe a little moving around will help get the blood pumping and give me some energy to pull things together. If I act quickly I still could get some more sleep, maybe even IN bed!

  57. Good morning preaching pals! I've been up over an hour, just about ready to head over to church ....its going to be a long day, but i hope all goes well.

    I will hold each of you in my prayers this day. May all be well!

  58. Hey semfem! NOw I hope you're the one sleeping - - in your bed. I'm out of mine, back to finish. I'm afraid the children will be up way sooner than they should be which will be a problem, but such is life. I think I'll be good to go in about an hour and half, maybe two hours. The former will be fine, the latter not so much, so let's pray the kids stay quiet, and I stay focused.

    Prayers for all who are waking and preparing for the proclamation!

  59. Nope...still here. Making good headway though...661 words and cruising through what I want to say. We'll see if there is more sleep in my near future, but I sort of doubt it.

    Hoping Terri's long day goes smoothly and SheRev is able to finish pulling things together soon.

  60. 761 organized words, but 2120 on the page, so I've got more than enough ideas. Once I get to the halfway point like this the trouble is making this the halfway point and not the one third point. I've got a bunch at the top that can be deleted when there's too much, though. I mostly wrote it to get me started, and there's another natural starting point a little ways in.

    I'm not staying focused at all, but it's all here and just needs to be captured in the manuscript before I "let" the kids up in 30 minutes. I. Can. Do. It.

    You can too!

  61. 12th hour preacher responds ... a friend sent me this:

    One thing has always puzzled me about this gospel: why do goats get such a bad press from Jesus? I've lived in rural Africa for most of my life and know both sheep & goats well. A couple of comments in sermons suggest that sheep & goats are difficult to tell apart. I can only suppose that such comments are made by urban poeple who have never seen either in real life.

    In fact, goats are superior to sheep: more intelligent, less suicidal, better milk, more self-sufficient, less diet-conscious. Sheep are
    silly creatures: run on the road in front of traffic, straying blindly & unable to find their own way home, starving while standing in long grass.

    So, in Jesus' parable, why are the goats consigned to perdition and
    the sheep to paradise?

    Revd Fr Victor G. Spencer
    16 Prosper Court, Brompton Rd,
    Box 411,
    9300 Free State
    South Africa
    Perhaps because the goats are so self-sufficient they don't need a savior? Just sayin'

  62. Whew, finally done, complete with cobbled-together children's sermon on Thanksgiving! No sleep, but off to get ready for church v. quickly.

    RevMom, I ended my sermon talking about the hierarchical nature of goats (from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Goats, heh) and how sheep don't have those power play things going on...they just know who their shepherd is. Maybe that addresses your friend's question. Because I like goats better too.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day!

  63. RevMom - that's the take I have in my sermon - sheep follow the Leader while goats are too independent.

    A perfectly good sermon, btw, which I am going to scrap because I woke up at 6:30 with an outline of another sermon brewing in my head. A kind of "year in review overview of the kingdom of God preview of Advent incarnation cross and second coming" thing. The key questions is "what kind of kingdom is it?" I think it will set me up better for Advent - but is definately will help lay groundwork for the joint council meeting this month, December budget and January annual meeting.

    So I'm off manuscript and going with notes and taking a risk, on the basis of what I think was the Holy Spirit blowing through my dreams. Hopefully the risk-taking for the kingdom touted in last week's gospel will pay off.

    If not...well I'm still new and can have a clunker once in a while. Right?

    Blessings on worship - the Holy Spirit has your back!


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