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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sunday Prayer

In my denomination, we seem more inclined to address God in prayer, rather than Jesus or the Spirit or Mary. I don't really know why that is, but I think about it often. I'll post about it soon. For tonight though (it's late Saturday night) I will address this prayer to Jesus...

Jesus, I have to think too hard to know what to call, friend, Lord, neighbour, sophia/wisdom, saviour, God. The list goes on. How about I just call you Jesus? In these late hours of Saturday I typically don't sleep. Instead my mind begins to process the worship we will share in the morning. It's not a stressful processing, but a seemingly necessary one for me. I've done it since seminary. I don't rehearse in my mind, so much as I prepare my spirit to offer what my more practical preparations have made ready. Thank you for staying with me all these nights over the years. It has helped.

I wonder Jesus, if we see you and recognize you in the ordinary activities of life. Your dearest friends had difficulty knowing you were in their midst, but partly that must have been a bit of shock. What about us? Do I see you in the people I meet? Are your eyes shining back at me from the bedside of someone who is ill and frightened and very glad for some company? Is that your laughter that I hear from the Sunday School children downstairs during worship?

Forgive me for the times I have not known you, and open my eyes and my heart that I might take notice the next time I catch a glimpse of you. Bless our worship, Jesus, and send us out to love and serve you. Amen.

Procrastination Saturday--Part 2 (K-Z)

It’s a rainy and stormy Saturday here but we rejoice because we badly need the moisture. That also means we can put off our outdoor chores and read all the Friday Five procrastination posts. Except for mine. I really, really MEANT to do it yesterday, but didn't get around to it because I spent the afternoon entering Mindy's Memorial Cow Contest instead.

So on to a summary of general posts from yesterday and so far today.

Faith and Life Department
: The humanitarian crisis in Africa brings responses from Caroline who urges us to log on to an internet film about the “Nightwalkers” (children in Uganda trying to escape abduction from rebel forces) and Susie who will be attending tomorrow’s march in Washington, DC to protest genocide in Darfur in the company of two young men who were among the “lost boys of the Sudan.” Immigration law reform and the protests surrounding it prompted A Linn to share a story of an immigrant family who lived the American Dream. Rev Dr Mom urges us to re-examine our national priorities. Gas powered scooters and golf carts send Lutheran Chik on a mini-rant about oil dependency and obesity. Methodist Bishop Willmon’s recent message on women in ministry was welcomed by Revabi. Kinesis blogs about the upcoming General Convention of the ECUSA in Columbus, Ohio next month. Willow chooses prayer over protest.

Godblogging: Joel finds similarities in the stories of Christ’s appearance in the Upper Room and on the road to Emmaus. Pam BG reminds us of the power of encouragement. Mary Beth volunteered to lead a study and discussion on Testimony with her Daughters of the King group and distinctly hears God laughing at her. And Lorna reports a medical miracle in her own life.

Personal Notes
: Rejoice in Preacher Mom’s unexpected twin Toilet Training Triumph! That's one RevGal who is REALLY doing the happy dance. Julie shows off her first completed knitting project. Susan Rose confesses some apprehension about the changes that lie ahead as she prepares to enter the novitiate with the Groovy Sisters and prays for trust. Here’s an interesting idea: Wendy stayed home for her own silent retreat and complete media fast for a day—and it was good. Natty also had a good day off. Becky continues to grieve her father’s death in January. Kirsten’s schedule runneth over this weekend. Stumbling Towards Divinity is approaching the finish line as seminary requirements are almost complete and interviews with congregations are heating up.

Love those Pets Department
: Visit St. Cassarole to find out why the kittens Whistle and Fish are on double secret probation. Songbird reminds us that collars and leashes are intended for the protection, not the restraint, of our pets. James shares pictures of Friday’s Cat and Miami Mice.

This ‘N That
: Jeff posted his weekly Friday Pop Culture Roundup, including an interesting review of the book Stiff , which is about cadavers. I’m drooling over Susie’s description of her fabulous meringue cookies. Steph’s 10,000th visitor was from Morristown, New Jersey. And if you haven’t played the ABC meme yet, you’ve been Left Behind! And did I mention Mindy’s Memorial Cow Contest—she’s offering REAL prizes!

T-t-t-hat’s all, friends, for now. A word of explanation: between the time I wrote this and the time I posted, several hours transpired because Blogger was acting buggy and then a significant power outage hit the hacienda. So my apologies for missing those of you who posted after I finished writing this. Please update us in the comments, and good weekend wishes to all!

Saturday Beginnings

Good morning, friends!

Here's a start on the roundup, and I'll be back to finish in a little bit. Have a pedicure appointment. (time passes.........hmm, hmm, hmmmm......) Okay, I'm back and finishing. Oooo, I love me a pedicure!

Any misconstruals, omissions, errors, or outright lies herein? I hereby humbly beg your pardon and ask you to comment. Blogging is all about participation! See below.

Ordinary Time is working on drafts. That's all. (Edited, per her comment: no, no, no, she's really interested in the NFL drafts! thanks for the help, I am functionally football illiterate.)

Jan's had an interesting job lead that turned out to not really be interesting. Mary's son had a birthday with an amazing cake. Brick Wall is looking for suggestions for places to camp...let her know about any ideas.

Katherine's got a great selection of pictures for us from the past.

Lots of us playing that Friday Five including Bad Alice, Tammyjo, Erin, Sally, Kathryn, Net, Emily, Sue, did I miss anyone?

Bethquick's been to meetings and still looking for input on that Book of Resolutions.

Mindy's got a Friday cow for us and the Mindy Memorial Decorate a Cow contest too! Deadline is May 20! More contest goodies at Fresh Cut Flowers, where the Caption Contest has changed but the photos continue. You definitely don't want to miss this week's photo!

Blanket in the Grove has passed the first of her 7 comprehensive exams YAYAYYAYAYAY! and is still home-hunting.

The Luke Readers are in chapters 10 & 11. Good stuff there.

Canticles is thinking about Islam and Christianity. Brother Terry gives us his opinion about what we are doing here, anyway!? Go see it and share some thoughts. Poor Cathy has been sooo sick, but she is getting better. Take it easy!

Cheesehead has a wonderful, wonderful funeral story. Do not miss it. Contemplative Chaplain, on the other hand has some funeral critiques to share. It's an occupational hazard for a hospice chaplain.

Chelley has some ab-fab Doc Martens: "One should always have something sensational to *wear* in the train."

Clever Title has been visited by her family! and is playing a puzzle. Tripp shares a story from the Sudan.

Sarah at Contradictory Notions is on a weekend retreat of sorts, in Chincoteague. Yes, the place where the book about Misty was written. I am charmed with her descriptions. It's a retreat for me to read about it. Peaceful days to you!

CrossLeft is having a membership campaign. Check it out.

Thoughts about our Ecclesiastical Straitjackets (er, structures)
** Dylan's writes further on discussions of the Report of the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, on which she served. Proving her great versatility, she writes in her lectionary blog about Easter 3 and Shrek. :) Really!
** Gord thinks about the United Church of Canada's processes for filling pastoral vacancies. Any church that has a semi-official Camping Sunday each year, I like!
** Net is pondering the results of the Natural Church Development Team Survey on worship at her church. OUCH, I say! But how brave you are to have asked. Blessings on your process...
** Kinesis has some links for us on The Unpleasantness (as we Episcopalians despairingly may call it). General Convention's a-coming (this summer) whether we want it to or not.

I just love to read Sally at Eternal Echoes. We procrastinate alike! and she shares gorgeous, fabulous pictures of the English countryside. Sigh. I could procrastinate all day with her.

HeyJules has an AMAZING FABULOUS EXCITING development and she is not telling what, just yet. You'll have to keep reading to learn.

Cats is sharing what feeds her soul. A little essay in pictures.

Hee hee hee, Girl can laugh at herself and she lets us do it with her. Whatta Girl!

Great to hear from you, Grandma Jean! Notes from the Arab Front.

HeavyRevvy is working in the yard. And working...and working....

HipChickMamma is pondering her next tattoo. Gee, she really IS hip!

Hit the Back Button is Back from his Blogbatical. He has not gotten to rest. See, blogging is what it's all about, Alfie!

JaneEllen is choosing a new home (yay) but it's a really, really tough choice (boo!)

Camel Dance is reading the new Christian Century and commends it to us.

Jo(e) has been mudbathing and cuddling her sick at home youngest. Life is sweet, if complicated and gloppy.

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday evening (by now) and a blessed Sunday! Cheers.

Friday, April 28, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Avoidance

This weekend I must do the dreaded college
paperwork for my oldest. Even though it is the third time around, I am no better at it than I was the first. I suspect I will be practicing avoidance and getting it done at the last.possible.moment.

Thus our Friday Five: name five things you do when you are trying to avoid doing what you really need to do.

As always, let us know in the comments here if you play on your blog. Readers, think about going to visit someone new today, and leaving them a comment! (That's one great way to avoid what you ought to be doing...)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fare thee well my bright star

Fare thee well my bright star
I watched your taillights blaze into nothingness
But you were long gone before I ever got to you
Before you blazed past this address

And now I think of having loved and having lost
But never know what it feels like to never love
Who can say what’s better when my heart’s become the cost
A mere token of a brighter jewel sent from above

Fare thee well my bright star
The vanity of youth the color of your eyes
And maybe if I’d fanned the blazing fire of your day-to-day
Or if I’d been older I’d been wise

Too thick the heat of those long summer evenings
For a cool evening I began to yearn
But you could only feed upon the things which feed a fire
Waiting to see if I would burn

Fare thee well my bright star
It was a brief brilliant miracle dive
That which I looked up to and I clung to for dear life
Had to burn itself up just to make itself alive

And I caught you then in your moment of glory
Your last dramatic scene against a night sky stage
With a moment so clear that it’s as if you’re still before me
My once in a lifetime star of an age

So fare thee well my bright star
Last night the tongues of fire circled me around
And this strange season of pain will come to pass
When the healing hands of autumn cool me down

--Emily Saliers, Indigo Girls
(I blog because of an incident today in class... a real gift)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Round-Up: A-M

I have got some time between meetings so I thought I would get going on this project. As always feel free to correct, tease, promote or just take up space in the comments...

My friends we are meme-ing like you would not believe.
Besides the alphabet one (whose participants in my half of the alphabet include: against a brick wall, mindy, Cheesehead, sally's journey, Gord, Net, I will sing, inner dorothy, jo(e), and coming VERY soon will smama); there is also a do you have/do you/are you/have you/did you meme going around as seen at Ordinary Time and Yodabeth.

Don't look now, but Jennifer's thumb is quite green. The latest group of Bible readers in 90 days are hanging out in Exodus and Numbers. Poor Mad Peter has an interview to do with Bo Diddley. Yes, soon Bo knows Poor Mad Peter. And Katherine has got a burst of energy.

If you know what the Book of Resolutions is then please go help bethquick.

We receive a poignant post today from blanket in the grove. Somehow Brother Terry got from the yellow submarine to the second coming in one post. Seriously, check it out. In Chelley's Teapot we find our latest addict to 'tracker' and a picture of a gorgeous day. Tripp is cutting back on Spam calories.

This Chaplain gets Contemplative about Lexapro, open communion, the party that was 9 months ago, slow motion allergies, feminist images of God and coconut creamer. Dash goes to Church... and Costco. Hey Jules has a reminder for all of us who have Administrative Professionals in our offices.

Finding Avalon does some analysis on her blogthings quiz: What's your religious philosophy? I wonder if she did as much analysis when the quiz was: Which muppet are you? Leslee has got her top down... made you look! Congrats to Kathryn's Darling Daughter on her big decision and to Kathryn for making me laugh then writing two long post and then doing a brief one on top of that in reference to Information Overload.

Hazelnut reflections is covering a colorful spectrum of black and white, lime green, and orange. Heavy Revvy is emerging from the darkness. Welcome back and I am stunned that someone said that to you. Oi! There are celebrities in our midst and their names are 'hipchickmamma' and Susan Rose.

Can you help Cole with a survey? Forget Emmaus! Hoosier Musings is being frisked on her way to Big Sky Country (apparantly she is moving). The word for today is: muddy.

What do you think?

One of us has witnessed a great goodbye. James is all over the cultural map with poetry, honeysuckle and Pink. Go check out the good news and the bad news over at Lutheran Chik's. A very hearty welcome to Miranda's new family members. But right before that things get a bit 'kinky' in her blog.

Sorry that spanned over two days folks. I appreciate your patience.

Wednesday Round-up from N-Z

Yee-hah! It's time for the Wednesday Round-up: the Latter Blogs! There seems to be four major themes today:

Sabbath Musings: Several folks are contemplating Quotidian Grace's question about a summer hiatus from Sunday School, which leads to some interesting corollaries on the theme - Susie at Nueva Cantora is one. Stacey at The Almond Branch is another.

Thomas Merton: Joel, the Tent Maker is still working through his rereading of "Seven Storey Mountain" and Mike over at The Mercy Blog ruminates about him too. You know, I ALMOST went to St. Bonnie's for my MSW. Factoid: I worked for a social service agency closely allied with St. Bonaventure. Hmmm, six degrees of separation.

A-Z Meme: Lots of folks are jumping on this like a "duck on a june bug" (Sorry, that was a meme from a couple weeks ago). Get to know your fellow bloggers better! Folks like,
Being Shielded and mibi, Reverend Mother , ppb and Beth. Does it seem to you that there are a lot of Sagittari? Is that even a word?

And our last category, Miscellaneous:

Speaking of words, if you want to make friends and influence people, try out some of
the words found at Twerpette's blog. There is also an array of interesting trivia that will make you go hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

I always guessed that Jeff was a closet Untied Methodist.

QC is wondering "What is HQ thinkin'?"

Mary Beth The Terrapin Station is thankful.

Walking Humbly is trying to cope with the next Tiger Woods.

Zinnhead had late Chinese.

Sister Steph is making family vacation plans with her biological sister.

Pink Shoes has checked out.

Pastor Amy gets some good advice from her mother-in-love about Messiah Complexes.

Natty, you have such a pleasant voice. Good self-talk!

All together now: Please join On the Journey's Becky in singing a arousing rendition of "Oh, You Beautiful Doll!" I (heart) Mother-Daughter Banquets!

First, it was Blingy Bob. Now it's Bumper Sticker Theology. My favorite: "If God is your co-pilot, you'd better change seats." Oh, will smama!

Check out Playing Tag with God's "12 Stations of Easter Kitsch." BTW, did you ever find out who the 'Royal Religious Peculiars'were? When I asked Father Larry, our resident Episcopalian priest, he laughed at me. Hmmmmm. Must be an episcopalian thing.

RevDrMom has been found out.

Happy ANZAC Day, rev em! What's a treacle? Check out her ANZAC cookie recipe (Beats that stuff out of the MREs). And we're conflicted about the war, too!

Songbird has had a breakthrough!

Lorna is doing the domestic goddess thing and asking, who are you? And prayers for her as she undergoes surgery!

And last, but not by any means least, St. Casserole shares her joy and sorrow. Happy anniversary to the Casseroles and our prayers at the loss of Lewis. (Note: I forgot to sign my e-mail, St. C! That was me.)

That about wraps up our late blog Wednesday roundup. As always, if'n I missed you - my apologies and you can always leave a note in the comments!

Get along little doggies and kitties! Be blessed!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings

Hello, all! I'm back from vacay and can see that you all survived without a lectionary post last week. Good for you--so did I!

This week it is all about the Emmaus story for me. Aside from the fact that this story shows up every time we are at table in my tradition, it is so rich that there are enough sermons in it to preach it every year, in my humble opinion.

This year, the Incarnation has become very real for me, and for my congregation as well, through death and tragedy. I had one gentleman born to Eternal Life right before Holy Week, and one three days ago, the day before I got back from vacation. (That's 2 in 15 days, with a vacation in between, if you're keeping track!) That is a whole lot of death for a small congregation. The fact that these deaths occurred so close to Easter is not lost on us.

What jumps out at me, this extremely early Tuesday morning, is the fleshy-ness of this encounter in Luke. Jesus talks about his own flesh, that he is not some apparition, but is in fact appearing to the friends in the flesh. He eats to prove it.

I spent Monday afternoon with a grieving widow whose main concern for her husband--the one she could express to us, anyway--was that he be buried in an overcoat. It seems he was cold most of the time in his latter years, and she didn't want him to be cold anymore. Clearly this fear appears to be connected to some inability on her part to disconnect the spirit with the flesh. No amount of gentle arguing by her kids that "Dad isn't cold anymore, Ma." would reassure her. Because to the widow, the husband she knew and loved was the husband in the flesh.

Jesus wanted those friends to make some connection to him that was tangible, concrete, and on their own terms. That point of connection was the flesh. That seems to be what the Incarnation was all about, in my opinion. If we take the Incarnation seriously, we conclude that we all have that same point of connection with Christ, and the life of Christ is not just some story, but our story as well.

What are your homiletical thoughts this week, preachers and students of the Word?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, part M-Z

Marking passings: Blessings to Susan who misses an old-friend just met; and Amy, who has had a gray day.

Natty's in a very bad mood... but has a great cartoon!

Jeff blogs Ecclesiastes and MikeF is reading Merton.

Juniper takes a lovely walk ... that was spoiled. Darn people. Speaking of people, who do you expect on the phone? Will Smama is wondering who's really on the other end. Hello? Hello?

Quotidian Grace wants your thoughts about Sunday School during the Summer and RuthRE is looking for book suggestions about discernment.

Rainbow Pastor reflects on a rally and what it means to see God's children in all of their forms. These are tough questions and a worthy pursuit. Willow blogs about Washington, China and DC.

Welcome back to...
RevDrMom has highlights from vacation... Revabi has pictures of the beach. RevEm shares some pictures from her weekend sans children... I'm all for heading to her place for a meet-up. Anyone else? I'm calm from just looking at Becky's picture -- I can't imagine how great her days away were. St. Casserole is back and provides a little insight to her seeming silence. Mibi survived the ride... and had a great retreat.

Reverend Mommy claims complete and total procrastintion when doing the A-Z meme. Wide-eyed also does the meme. (I've seen this a few places 'round the ring.)

Lorna discusses the question of inerrancy, and her daughter has a visitor from Germany!

Celebrity spotting! Celebrity spotting! Don't worry, Carol, I probably wouldn't have recognized him either... And, while not a celebrity in the Hollywood sense, check out who's speaking at commencement...

Stacey went to hear a band, and I've got to say, "You're a lot braver than I am."

Peace and blessings to you all!
Pink Shoes

Monday's Double-Triple Reverse Round-Upside-Down: A-L Edition

In a frenzy of likemindedness, Pink Shoes and I have turned the round-up on its head and taken each other's territory. Hello, friends in the first half of the alphabet! Let's see what you're up to this Monday:

Jan comtemplates marketing. Mary describes a truly marvelous cake. Linda has some delightful new neighbors and Bad Alice's daughter provides amusement, while Beth made me wonder if I knew what day it was.

Mindy had a hard day, which she writes about eloquently, and HeavyRevvy understands the darkness.

Getting back to assisting in worship was not the only good news from LutheranChik.
The first group of Bible in 90 Days folk are reading more slowly through Luke.

Chelley is flummoxed, which has to be one of my favorite words.

Tripp is wondering just how much cooperation and collaboration is possible among Christians.

Sarah tells us about plans for two trips, while continuing to contemplate her trip to New Orleans, and Amy had a wonderful trip to Atlanta. Cheesehead is back from vacation and tells us tails of shore and ship. net, also back after some time off, confesses, and I absolve her! (Okay, I can't really do that.)

At CrossLeft, Darius poses some questions about how we define progressive.

Sally has had so many good posts the past few days; go read them all!

It's Monday Night Thoughtball, and the teams are Mercy and Grace!! No, really.

Gord is enjoying Mythbusters. Emily is meming, alphabetically, and Leslee did the Inner Hair Color Quiz. And Gavin is taking a blogbatical.

jo(e) shares pictures of the first green of spring, and James posts a beautiful poem, and a picture of the notebook from which it came. Meanwhile, Preacher Mom's cat has a somewhat less charitable attitude toward wildlife than she does, which creates conflicts.

A-L, it was fun visiting with you! I hope to drop in again sometime.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Prayer

God, your people will gather in this morning for worship. Sanctuaries large and small will come to life with sounds of greeting and the energy of children. This is truly the church -- the people and the vibrant sounds of life that pour into our sacred spaces.

Wondrous One, they call this "low Sunday." Many churches can expect lower attendance because of extra services last weekend, so perhaps that is what makes it "low" -- or perhaps it better describes the energy level of the clergy after a busy Lenten season. I don't know God, I only know that I'm here and ready to praise you, even if I'm a bit depleted.

Worship will happen in many ways. Worship will happen in the greetings and in the singing, in the sharing of the Word and in the praying, and in the silence. Worship will happen over cups of tea and in the kitchen afterward. And by your grace, O God, worship will happen through the week, when hearts touched by the Spirit will dance for joy at your goodness.

Bless us this morning God, as we come together in your presence. Help us all to hear the words of Jesus to us, saying "Peace be with you." We pray, encourage us through the coming week to remain in that Peace as we take it with us into a world that is crying out for your peace, your justice and your indescribable love. Amen.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday in Easter Week: The Late Blogs

It's a beautiful spring morning deep in the heart of Texas as I make my appointed rounds through the latter part of the blogring alphabet. After Holy Moley Week some of you took off for a well-deserved rest. Traveling mercies go out to Mibi, Rainbow Pastor, Revabi, and Zinnhead from the jealous wrecks you left behind. I'd mention Will Smama, she of the spectacular all-blogs round-up on Thursday, but she doesn't seem to be resting from her computer!

Songbird's Friday Five Favorites drew a lot of players. I didn't see any real consensus in your answers, but I can tell you LOVE flipflops, tulips and tea (iced, sweet and green).

And now, without further ado, on to the posts.

Children and Pets Department: Revem rejoices in a kid-free weekend thanks to her parental units. Find out why Amy says a mother's shoulders are never pristine--nor should they be! Although health problems are currently plaguing Scog Blog and her husband, her wonderful children keep her cheery. Ginger discovers that Door + Son = stitches and trauma. Meanwhile over at Rachel's, the kids are getting acquainted with their new pet rabbit. Lorna decided spring has come to Finland (the temperature is finally more than zero!) and so embarks on a bike ride with her dog.
Personal Notes
: Loud, Brash and Dramatic "volunteered" to preach this Sunday. Caroline uses the song "May the Love of Jesus Surround You" to tie together her week. Stumbling Towards Divinity is buried in end-of-term papers and interviews. Rebel is supporting CrossWalk America. Blessings to Lutheran Chik who remembers her mother's dislike of her bread machine and examines her conflicting feelings. And Happy Birthday today to Amy Avery!
Just for Fun: Don't miss Reverendmommy's clever shoe post--it includes liturgically colored athletic shoes! James has a clever Magnetic Fib. First one playing What Time of Day Are You was Wendy. Susan Rose took the At What Price Would You Sell Out? quiz. Miranda took the What's My Funky Inner Hair Color? quiz--I think you have to be twenty-something to get that one. And Will Smama is SO obsessed with Blingy Blob...

If I missed your post, or you post today after I publish this round-up, please let us know what's going on at your place in the comments. Happy Saturday everyone!

Saturday in Easter Week: The Early Blogs

And, this roundup of the early blogs is LATE! Sorry about that. With no further ado...

Did you see that Jennifer at Ordinary Time has posted her semester's sermons? Good reading, go check it out. Today's sermon from Anglobaptist is here.

Woo Hoo!
TammyJo's got 20 days til graduation!

Welcome to Travelers Together, who are reading the Bible in 90 days. Having tried this (and personally not made it!) with a recent and very supportive group, I know how tough it is. Please keep these folks in your prayers. The Bible in 90 Days group at nuntimebible is in Luke.

Mary's post is titled "Too many prickly trees and no sign of the wood" which certainly resonates for me. Brick Wall has had her windshield replaced at the carwash...mmm...careful with that wand.

Poetry from Peter. And Katherine has turned me on to Over the Rhine, which she describes as semi-obscure folk pop. I'm always the last to know...

Ooo! Bad Alice has dreams populated by Blogfriends! Now, as we tell language students, when you dream in Bloggish, it means you are REALLY fluent! (Or else you have left your current reality altogether...! :) )

Bethquick is still thinking about that Methodist Book of Resolutions & has more specific questions for you. She has an input role, so get those comments on over to her!

Things to do:
Mindy is meme-ing, and tagging YOU. (is that how you spell that! or is it even a word?) Sarah has an alphabet meme. Caption contest at Leslee's . Starving Artists has a poll for us all! and Ciona has a funny ... umm ... something. What do you call that? HeyJules has some great thought questions, complete with her answers. If you want to do some really interesting writing, try these on for prompts.

Erin's off to Fort Worth Arts Festival.

Canticles is working on obedience, which is leading to self-improvement. Our prayers are with you! Brother Terry is a proud papa in a beautiful post.

ChaplainMom is still working on the student group's trip to Taize and struggling with the vicissitudes of fundraising and donors. Here is the advice she received..."Just keep your eyes on Jesus walking on the water. You can walk on the water if you just keep your eyes on Jesus." Good words for us all.

Chelley has a sign (of the times? no, this one's forever) and a book recommendation. Yummy. Christen is thinking about the Dixie Chicks. Dylan writes about the recent AP article on EU2charists.

Sally considers the transformative aspects of worship.

HeyJules has some great thought questions, complete with her answers. If you want to do some really interesting writing, try these on for prompts.

Cats didn't do it! Dont' you hate being unjustly accused?! And if you want to see the world's greatest picture, you have to scroll down a little. There...the Prince. With the cake. He's four. What a treasure.

Gallycat is engaged! And looking for a home. Yikes! Girl tells us about public transport.

Kathryn's officiated at a wonderful wedding. Wish I could have been there. Net's been working with the family of a deceased parishioner and bookstore-prowling.

HeavyRevvy's sister in law has a seizure alert dog called Yahoo! and their story will be in Guideposts in 6 months! Keep your eyes open.

Hipchickmamma's kids redefine "okay." Make me smile! Hit the Back Button has coined a terrific new term: "blogbatical." Blessings to you!

Sophia's finished an internship and is looking forward.

Sue gives us some reviews and shares the BIG NEW THING at their house. The way it was achieved was far bigger, IMHO! Hooray for Pillar!

Jo(e) writes about her Earth Day.

Many players on that Friday Five. Please visit the comments on that posting to see whodunnit.
I loved reading about people's favorites...reminds me I need some new Birks! And hey, haven't had any grapes lately! Though no peonies bloom here, sadly.

Blessed Sunday to all!

Friday, April 21, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Favorites

Don't think too hard about these.

That's an order!

On this particular day, these are my favorites:

1) fruit

2) song

3) beverage

4) shoes

5) flower

Let us know in the comments if you play on your blog, or feel free to play here, too.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Posts since the Last Round-up: A-Z

I do not know if Net traded with someone or not and since I have no desire to work on sermons anymore tonight I will take a stroll around the ring and find out what has been posted since last Saturday.

There is a lot of good stuff out there and hopefully when you take a look blogger will let you comment and not royally tick you off like it did me.

First - for all of you burned out pastors out there - go and check in with Rachel. Thanks for the reminder!

Holy Week/Easter Sunday Reviews
Zinnhead and hubby tend to head to the Ocean on Easter but shhh, don't tell him it is a tradition. And for next year I am going to take her recommendation on what to do for Good Friday.
Beth shares her favorite Easter hymn with us. AND - probably more importantly for her - she just received a piece of paper in the mail that declares her a Candidate for Holy Orders. Is that like the Ed McMahon sweepstakes? Just kidding - congrats!
What is your only comfort experienced good response to the posters she put out about their Easter services and a yummy Easter dinner despite the antics of a demon possesed refrigerator (my words not hers, what else would you call a frig that breaks down on Easter with a full morning of services followed by a house full of guests?)
Amy Avery lived to tell about her first Holy Week at her new church.
Singing Owl marked the week with candlelight. And is now happy to report that her church is creeping into the 20th century (yeah, you read that right).
Our favorite polar bear posts of packed churches, baptism and communion. She also has a former card catalog to fill with lots of stuff... you my friend, are living the dream.
Another Easter song - ALLELULIA! and VERY helpful tips for the 21st century pastor both the informative and the silly.
Shield the Joyous had a television Easter.
A Simple Stone.
rebel without a pew had a close call on Easter afternoon.
Rainbow Pastor gives us an Easter round up and opens up an interesting dialogue on being a Christian.
Shhh, Chaplain Lydia is napping.
RuthRE has some reflections on her week.
Loud, Brash & Dramatic had a couple of things that made her cry.
Sophia is still processing.
Hazlenut Reflections gives us her Holy Week statistics and then reminds us that it only takes two.
Kathryn gives us her summary and a unique way of finding things to blog about.
Sounds like Gord applied the Good News to his town's current situation on Easter Sunday? Making the Bible work in current events... are we allowed to do that?
Poor Mad Peter has posted a brilliant (IMHO) sculpture of the Resurrected Christ.
A Raid on the Inarticulate was given a poignant reminder about what Easter is all about.
Jennifer gives us some homilies and a menu!
Cheesehead gave us a brief review of her Easter Sunday before she left for some R&R. She also leaves us with this quote: "We got that dude in the cave and back out again this year!"

Ummm, You Mean We Still Have Church after Easter?
What she's got up her sleeve now is discussion on the lectionary texts for this Sunday.
Jeff posts on the pros of lectio divina and is thinking Ecclesiastes.
Jean needs some pointers from all of you who have been chaplains to a church committee.
Travelers Together are beginning their 90 days through the Bible. As we all know, in the beginning was Genesis and that is where they are.

Prayer Requests
For DSS and family
reverend mommy as she recovers from eyelid surgery - ouch!
Girl at Processing Life.
For Joe's crunched bike.
Jeff's father-in-law.
Thankfulness for a beautiful spring.
Becky's friend.
Micah Girl is in a place of discernment.
The victims of the tornadoes.
Tammy Jo

Personal Stories
Natty has been grumpy and a lot of that can be traced directly back to the width of her scotch tape. I kid you not... but shed no tears for her because hope comes in the size of an egg-shaped Snickers treat.
Songbird has a new look and a sister-in-law that I have GOT to meet... and become instant close friends with.
Okay, I read her blog just about every day and yet I still cannot sum it up for you. You will have to check out Lorna for yourself.
With brilliant dexterity reverend mother ranges from top ten lists to poetry.
Rev. Dr. Mom is in the city.
rev2bmibi gives us an Easter rundown and a realtor rundown.
Juniper68 dared to go under the couch.
Kirstin is learning and listening.
A. Lin posts on the American dream.
Gavin has a plug for a legit petition.
Grace upon Grace had a service to do on Monday! Her reward? A scary car trip in a driving snow storm.
Girl at Girl Gone Great (shouldn't there be a law about two folks having the same nickname) is getting grumpy at work.
Leslee gives us all words to live by and one of those moments.
On racism and brown crayons.
Sarah at Contradictory Notions on being a Christian mentor.
Contemplative Chaplain is enjoying spring, the journey and the Dixie Chicks.
Tripp posts on politics, on religion, on bands, on the Statue of Liberty among many things... call me an old softie but my favorite sentences were these: The coffee is good. It tastes better (when) my wife is around.
Cathy knits has a shawl to share.
Canticles is making some lifestyle changes.
Blanket in the Grove's 8 year old has a money making plan and the apartment hunting continues.
Mindy posts on addiction.
Beth Quick asks: Are you a risk taker?
Dangit! I was sure Bad Alice was dreaming of me.
Katherine is keeping her sense of humor.

Revem, there are no words. FEMALE PREACHERS UNITE!!! We need a bat signal or something when stuff like this happens. I think according to Songbird's husband our signal would look like this: (o)(o)

Lutheran Chick's Own Personal Category
Why? Because in four day she has posted about Easter, lamb chops, homophobes, mourning, the box, Christianity caricatures, a personal altar (with pictures), an alphabet meme and trash. That's why.

Fun Stuff
The Vicar of Wadley has left the building.
Twerpette has got a number of thoughts going on.
Cat fans should check out this post by MikeF proving that there is actually a saint for everything. There is other good stuff to be found here too so be sure to browse a bit.
I am not sure cat fans should look at St. Casserole's latest randomness or not. Go at your own risk.
Stacey has got post Holy Week brain drain and so does her computer.
Of Gnostics and Judas can be found at Quotidian Grace.
It ain't up yet but I am going to post about having the bright idea of doing a round-up because I thought a lot of folks were away this week and now two hours later I am only at the lower p's (and I started at the bottom)... yikes!
Ahhhh, baseball.
Although I am afraid Miranda would probably not wax quite so poetic about the sport.
Check out this Mary J. Blige post.
Did you see Wendy's Easter eggs? Wow. (And yes, I meant actual Easter eggs... what were you thinking?)
James has got some recommended reading.
Ooh! Preacher Mom mentioned me. Pretty cool even if it is out of envy. I wish you could be here too.
Not unlike Hank Williams Jr., Jo(e) has got some family traditions.
I am not sure which is more masochistic: relaxation by cleaning one's closets or by having your muscles ripped into by a well rested masseuse. Inner Dorothy did both!
Hipchickmamma is car shopping.
Cats has got the latest and greatest in blog gizmos. You HAVE to check it out.
Hey Jules asks us to use our senses when answering some questions about God.
Chelley's Teapot is looking for the missing link. (ha, ha.. get it? The "missing link"... fine. I'll just laugh at it myself.)
Have you placed your Birckenstock vote?
A&E's God or the Girl has caught quite a few of your attentions including Jan.
Here's a fun meme.


Wow. Gotta admit when I took on this project I was under the distinct impression that folks had not been posting this week. I was wrong - and they were great.

Thanks folks and as always if you were missed (seriously, not a chance... I don't think) or if you have something to add PLEASE do so in the comments.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Special Request

Friends, please go see Caroline, who has had a disturbing experience and would love your support. She posted in the comments below, but I wanted to be sure you all saw this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Please go to the Ordinary Time website to view a list of everyone who has contributed to the book and their bios. There are MANY bios missing (including mine) and we need them ASAP!!!

Thank you!

Lorna via Reverend Mommy via Me

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday Meme

In lieu of update, as I am heading for the hills...

What will you do this Easter Monday? Is it a holiday or vacation day for you?

Please feel free to answer in the comments, or link to your blog if you are answering at length.

Christ is risen indeed!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Sunday Prayer

Wondrous and Mighty God, this is the day we wait for all year. Soon the different time zones of this world will each begin to awaken to the glory of Easter day. Around the globe, the friends and followers of Jesus will discover what Mary saw so long ago -- he is not dead. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

As the alleluias are shouted and the praise is offered, O God, help each of us to remember those for whom the shadows of Friday have not yet been lifted. Grant your comfort and strength to those who live with war, hunger, poverty and abuse. Help each one of us to be the hands and feet of Christ in this troubled world. Open our eyes so that we too can see you in the people who most need your love and grace.

God, I love this day and the special energy that surrounds it. I love the full churches and voices filling every corner of sanctuaries everywhere. I love the connectedness to generations of believers who have gathered to praise you over the years. It is a time of celebration. I confess to you, most Gracious One, that I'm almost too exhausted to enjoy it. My body and mind are all but spent. I suspect that many of my colleagues feel the same way. Grant us that awesome burst of energy that can only come from the Holy Spirit, that all of us might celebrate with full hearts and overflowing joy.

Bless our congregations, the faithful every-week attenders and the poinsettia & lily crowd too. Bless us all, as we raise up the proclamation of the day -- Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed!

Alleluia! Amen!

Holy Saturday: The Roundup A-K

It's so good to see Jennifer of Ordinary Time back on-blog! She's planning a September wedding, and chaplaining, and preaching for she's BUSY!

TammyJo's been reading her community paper and feeling sickened by the commercialization of Easter. Really, what do sports stars have to do with it? Hipchickmamma's thinking about it too - as a mamma.

Jan is feeling Good Friday relief. Mary's thinking and writing about Peter. Ciona tells tales of foot-washing, and asks to hear ours. Brick Wall is living a Good Friday - let's surround her with prayer. Cheesehead thinks about making a shroud. Contradictory Notions has returned from New Orleans and posts powerfully about her experiences there. Cats refers us to a particularly terrible crime and a wonderful post about living in a Good Friday world.

Peter writes about the end of Lent and of his Lenten Walking. Brother Terry sends love.

Katherine's considering being both a pastor and a writer (uh, you are, dearest, in case you weren't sure!) and has done some snazzy shopping.

Bad Alice points us to Jeff's Passover Quiz, and Erin and Sue blog about the Seder.

Anybody got a rant about the Methodist Book of Resolutions? If so, BethQuick would like to hear it!

Mindy shares more art (cows, bumperstickers). Note that the Mindy Cow Decorating Contest has been extended, new deadline is May 1! Woo hoo!

Blanket in the Grove is moving...and sharing her journey. You'll love the place they just looked at. Maybe. Canticles and her spouse have found a new church home!

Talking about grace...Carolyn is enjoying her newly restored family, including that wonderful granddaughter! ChaplainMom's little A has had a 2 year checkup and is doing great.

Welcome to Chelley's Teapot and her animals! and a Good Friday meditation too.
Dylan's lectionary has good thoughts on Good Friday, and JaneEllen does, too. HeyJules continues with the Stations of the Cross....wonderful.

ChurchLady is playing the Lottery. CleverTitle has a lot going on, though it's a typical Egyptian "a lot" rather than typical American Holy Week "a lot."

Contemplative Chaplain has a new friend, and it allows her to blog in bed.

IN THE NEWS....(da da da, da da da) ...if you are a certain age like me (41-ish) you are hearing the music...Dash posts a link to the Gospel of Judas.

Gord has a link to an Eagle Cam (too cool!) and considers the Cross.

Leslee's caption contest is here early!

Gallycat thinks about her Palm Sunday. And, hey, y'all: I just read an article by HER in Geez magazine! ¡Muchos felicidades!

Girl considers her parents and their marriage.

Kathryn has a wonderful series of meditations for Holy Week, the latest on Mary (Stabat Mater).

You cannot imagine what gifts have been given to Grace upon Grace for her ordination! These are sure to be useful in her ministry... :)

Emily shares about Maundy Thursday and the Good Friday stations at her small church. The Spirit was moving. (and on Palm Sunday, she was moving via donkey!) HermaneuticLand writes about Palm Sunday as well. Hit the Back Button has a link to a virtual church.

HeavyRevvy has been in a mondo hailstorm! Yikes! Sophia got a pedicure in preparation for Maundy Thursday.

Jo(e) celebrates the birthday of a famous blogger who shall remain nameless.

Kinesis looks at the Transition from Holy Saturday to Easter...


I leave you with this from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer Holy Saturday service:
O God, Creator of heaven and earth: Grant that, as the crucified body of
your dear Son was laid in the tomb and rested on this holy Sabbath, so we
may await with him the coming of the third day, and rise with him to newness
of life; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for
ever and ever.


Holy Saturday: The Roundup K to Z

God bless you if you have time to read this roundup on Holy Saturday, and even more blessings on you if you don't! The RevGals have been swamped this Holy Week, so this is the first round-up since Monday--made possible by the fact that Mary Beth and I are not in charge of creating and leading services this week.

In lieu of Songbird's Friday Five meme, I'm asking for your thoughts on your most memorable Good Friday past.
Good Friday and Holy Week posts dominated my reading this morning. Preacher Mom finds this week a roller coaster. Susan Rose 's attendance at a Good Friday service prompted thoughts on the global reach of the church. Pink Shoes is struggling with her dislike of Good Friday worship. Think it never rains in California? Rebel finds a Good Friday tradition of rain has followed here there. St. Cassarole reaches for reliable memory devices to help her cope with the Marathon.

Holy Week leads to her "randomness" post. Rachel describes her response to the meditations on Jesus' last words given by a visiting Bishop from Boston. Both Reverendmother and Mike F offer Good Friday poems. (By the way, a big virtual welcome goes out to Mike F and his blog The Mercy Blog--new member of the ring). Lorna writes about come connections between baptism and evangelism. The last in a series of original Holy Week monologues was posted by Songbird yesterday. Steph continues her series "Blogging the Monastic Triduum". And Joe reminds us where the term "Good Friday" came from. Check out Revabi's place for a bunch of interesting Holy Saturday links.

Briefer, but interesting postings for Good Friday included James' photo of the statue Jesus wept outside the Federal Building in Oklahoma City; Amy's photo of a "Loss" statue. Pam BG alerts us to the BBC's photo contest on the theme "What Easter Means to Me."

On a personal note: Welcome back NotShyChiRev after a month's absence from the blogosphere. Terri C needs prayers for friends who lost their expected second child during pregnancy. Mibi has good news on the part-time job front. Lutheran Chik is cleaning out after her mother's death, making plans for change, and reporting on Theology for the Masses.

NOT Holy Week posts came from Reverend Mommy who asks: What's in your closet at work? Perapatetic Polar Bear has morphed into Miss Manners of the Blogosphere and wants to know your thoughts on blogging etiquette. Natty has a new blogthing--What kind of cook are you? And Beth is playing the wealth meme.

For those of you leading congregations in worship tomorrow on this most holy day of the Christian year--may the Holy Spirit guide and inspire you and may each one who comes to worship be inspired and strengthened in faith.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Take My Mother Home

I think I heard Him say, when He was struggling up the hill

I think I heard Him say, take my mother home

Then I'll die easy, take my mother home

I'll die so easy, take my mother home

I think I heard Him say, when they was raffling off His clothes

I think I heard Him say, take my mother home

I think I heard Him cry, when they was nailing in the nails

I think I heard Him cry, take my mother home

I'll die this death on Calvary, ain't gonna die no more

I'll die on Calvary, ain't gonna die no more

Ain't gonna die no more

I think I heard Him say, when He was giving up the ghost

I think I heard Him say, please, take my mother home

Please, take my mother home

~Hall Johnson

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Poetry Blogging

Like anyone has time to read this!

Into the woods my Master went,
clean forspent, forspent,
into the woods my Master came,
forspent with love and shame.
But the olives they were not blind to him.
the little grey leaves were kind to him,
the thorn tree had a mind to him,
when into the woods he came.

Out of the woods my Master came
and he was well content;
out of the woods my Master came,
content with death and shame.
When death and shame would woo him last,
from under the trees they drew him last,
'twas on a tree they slew him last
when out of the woods he came.

-- Sidney Lanier, 1880*

*Lanier, the “poet laurete of Georgia,” earned his degree from Oglethorpe College. In 1879, he was appointed lecturer on English literature at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This hymn first appeared in the Methodist Hymnal of 1905. He was raised a Methodist with a strong Presbyterian mother -- growing up around Macon, Georgia. When Lanier moved to Baltimore, he lived a somewhat more liberal life -- both as to creed and conduct -- he wrote: "If the constituentsand guardians of my childhood-- those good Presbyterians who believed me a model for the Sunday-school children of all times -- could have witnessedmy acts and doings this day, I know not what groans of sorrowful regret
would arise in my behalf." His family mostly lived south of Macon and into North Flordia. He was also an accomplished concert flutist. He became first flutist in the Peabody Orchestra in Baltimore, Maryland in 1873, and in 1876 he wrote a cantata for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. At least one of his descendents is a concert trumpet player. He was only 39 years old when he died.

Music and God were intertwined for Lanier. Lanier believed in the religious value of music; it was a "gospel whereof the people are in great need, -- a later revelation of all gospels in one." "Music," he says, "is to be the Church of the future, wherein all creeds will unite like the tones in a chord." He was one of "those fervent souls who fare easily by this road to the Lord." Music tended "help the emotions of man across the immensity of the known into the boundaries of the Unknown." He would have composers to be ministers of religion. He could not understand the indifference of some leaders of orchestras, who could be satisfied with appealing to the aesthetic emotions of an audience, while they might "set the hearts of fifteen hundred people afire." The final meaning of music to him was that it created within man "a great, pure, unanalyzable yearning after God."

So You Say You Want a Round-up (N thru Z)

What she (will smama) said.

Oh - the self-promotion thing? I'm afraid that will carry over to next week also - at least for y'all at the end of the alphabet. I'm off to Another State to do the grandma thing! Hot dog!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So You Say You Want a Round-Up (A-M)

When I was a kid I hung out in a very Catholic neigborhood. I loved the community and my friends but it meant that on Fridays I ate fish... even though I was not Catholic.

All of you bloggers are hanging out in a community of ministers. So if you are not a minister (or even if you are) and have used the time this week to write fabulous things on your blog both pithy and wise in anticipation of the Wednesday round-up I am afraid you are going to have to do some self-promotion in the comments section... even though you are not a minister.

The slightly lesser known 11th commandment "There shall be no A-M round-up on the Wednesday of Holy Week."

Who knew?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings--Easter Edition

So...anybody preaching this week?


I know, bad joke.

I have found myself in two different conversations this week (since Saturday) saying the same thing: Easter will just have to wait. One was with a person who had already trashed a perfectly good Easter sermon by last Saturday, and one was with smeone who was sweating not having a really good one by Monday. I tell you, I hang out with overachievers sometimes.

I have come to referring to this week's crescendo event as "Super Awesome Easter--with Super Awesome Sermon included!" And yet I am feeling neither super nor awesome about it this Tuesday of Holy Week. I am preaoccupied with the memorial that looms overhead in the next two days. In the next 48 hours I will stand beside a gieving family as accept and embrace the condolences of their frinds and loved ones, and I will celebrate the Hope of the Resurrection that has been made all the more real in the glorious passing of one of our church saints.

I'm beginning to feel as Mary Magdalene might have on the early Sunday morning. "Just get me through it, Lord. Meet me on the other side."

Will I meet Jesus face to face? Will I hear him call me by name, respond with my own nickname for him, and somehow understand that he has conquered death, hell and the grave just for me? Will my tears be wiped away?

May it be so, Lord.

What are your thoughts this week, super and awesome, or not?

PS--if I may be a little self-indulgent, today is my one year Blogiversary. Yeah for me!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Moving Through Monday

It's Monday. Seriously. Monday of Holy Week.

Some of you managed to post. I had a thought, but that doesn't translate into anything written.

Heroic Monday-blogging RGBPs:

Rev-to-be-Mibi shares a moving story; reverend mommy offers morning prayer; reverendmother describes her first Sunday back at church; Connie shares a poem she has written, a Mary Magdalene monologue; Amy reminds us of a few things about cleanliness and godliness.

Shorter posts came from:
Susan Rose, who shares a challenging and necessary quote from Henri Nouwen; Lorna, who shares a beautiful thought; Heather, who recommends a movie; and being shielded who does not shield us!

Medical posts:

Mary Beth's little puppies are undergoing a procedure, while Natty is under the weather.

Finally, Texans and former Texans are enjoying the post in which Quotidian Grace shares some, um, artful photos.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tardy K to Z Weekend Roundup

I've had a very busy and happy weekend thanks to a plethora of interesting activities that were on my calendar. If you're like me, you wonder why everything has to happen the same weekend! Thanks for your patience, and now (drumroll please) the tardy weekend K to Z roundup.

Songbird had a lot of interesting responses to her Friday Five about the Arts. I didn't get to play, but check the comments to see who did.

Please continue your prayers for Lutheran Chik. Her mother's funeral was yesterday and as those of us who have lost a parent know--its the months that follow the loss that are really hard to bear without the support of loving friends.

Rev Dr. Mom
remembers her father on the fourth anniversary of his death with a lovely tribute.

RevGals can be forgiven if they want to re-name Holy Week, "Holy Moley Week"! The stress of the season is getting to Will Smama and Reverend Mommy who is having restless dreams of Whack-a-Mole. The past couple of weeks have been particularly stressful for Preacher Mom and Susan Rose. Caroline ruined a pair of jeans trying to create a piece of art reflecting Jesus' prayers in the garden. Rebel claims the Bad Mom award. Shield the Joyous tries to spread the stress around by sharing 5 of the 10 questions on her take home exam. No thank you, but (((hugs))) to all of you!

And add Steph to the Stress for Success list as she wails, "why does everything have legs? Where have all the skirts gone?"

Now you need some relief from those stressful posts? Check out Pink Shoes' list of books recommended by her blog readers. Join a softball team like Beth. Visit St. Cassarole's fanciful imaginary store for clergywomen. Or listen to Amy who reminds us that sometimes the best answer is "no, I can't do that."

Vocation-related posts this weekend include Jeff's post on Forgiveness and Calling, Terri C's musings on her internship, Mark's story of lost and found, Zinnhead's fretting over semantics, and Rachel's answering "God's poke" to offer childbirth classes for young women who have decided not to have an abortion.
offers a poem he wrote in 1980, The Moral Christian, which remains timely. Jean reflects on her love of stargazing. Joe and I provide links to information on the Gospel of Judas.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Becky of On the Journey and Revabi of Vicar of Watley!

Please comment if I missed something at your place. Blessings to all of you and yours this Holy Week.

Our tee-shirt has been spotted

by this commentator at Church Just FYI, y'all.

Also, FYI, Google gives me 102,000 hits for "RevGalBlogPals" -- wow. For a word coined less than a year ago.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sunday Prayer

God of Celebration, God of our hosannas, can it really be here already? Palm Sunday begins in a few short hours. The children will wave their palms in procession, the choir and others behind them, and we will all rejoice.

Guide my steps in that procession and in all of our worship today. Help me to resist the temptation to race ahead of this day into the week ahead. Don't allow my mind to wander to plans for Thursday night, or Friday's worship. God, I need your help to keep me present to each moment.

Jesus knew that. He was aware of the suffering that the coming days would bring, and yet he lived in the celebration of the moment as he entered Jerusalem. In our church today we won't hear the Passion story, it will be told on Friday. So for now, we wave the palms and sing and reflect on the meaning of this day.

Be with all of the searching faithful people who sit in those objects of torture we call pews. They come to hear a word of hope, inspiration, or maybe just to catch enough of a glimpse of your goodness to keep coming back. May our worship, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be life-giving for all who encounter you here this day. Amen.

Roundup L to Z to come Sunday PM

For the second weekend in a row, I am wildly overscheduled. Please check back later tomorrow afternoon for the K through Z portion of the Saturday roundup.

Thanks for your indulgence!

Hurridly yours,


Saturday Starters

Sorry for another late Saturday post (!) I promise, this is not a trend!

Lots of folks playing that Arts meme thanks to Songbird. Love it!

TammyJo's involved in an interactive Stations program called Via Crucis that sounds perfectly amazing, and includes a benefit concert to combat child prostitution in India. It's this Sunday and if you are anywhere near Cincinnati you must go. (I just checked, and I am 958 miles away. Darnit!)

Jan has some interesting thoughts on spin (not sin...or maybe it is?) BrickWall is making a move (and help is really good to have). You're in our prayers!

Go see about Katherine's trip to the Flower Fields! Fabulous! And Cathy's photo from The Island...looks like home. Another photo in Leslee's Caption Contest!

Brother Terry requests our prayers for his newly construed call as full-time pastor, and for his church. Cheesehead has officiated at a mrriage, her first (as a pastor), not without some interesting parts. ContemplativeChaplain's been sick. You are being prayed for!

Dash is thinking about godparenting/sponsoring whatever you call it. Go on over to Dylan's lectionary place for some more thought-provoking stuff.

Sally is thinking about praise in glorious abandon. HeyJules is thinking about her faith path...and Gord is thinking about funerals. A good week for it! And a veeery cool initiative.

Kathryn's blogging in bed! New laptops rock! Net is pondering why she blogs...(Time out for a personal answer: Net, so we can know you!)

Grace upon Grace reflects on her ordination day, and her first celebration of Holy Eucharist, this way: "I have been waiting since I was eight years old, when I first experienced a call to ordained ministry, for this day. That's 43 years. If you don't throw a party after 43 years of waiting, when do you throw one?" And the people said, AMEN!!

Emily has been cleaning house instead of writing sermons. Sounds like an excellent prep for Holy Week, to me. HeavyRevvy has been thinking of Easter sermons.

Need a diversion? Hipchickmamma has one to find YOUR Famous Last Words. And Hit the Back Button has been playing that Face Recognizer. Problem with that one is that we all end up looking like Jennifer Anniston. Maybe you do, but folks, I just don't.

2:17: Jo(e)'s record. Go see what for. And Kinesis reports on her first Ally training event. Hooray!

Special blessings on every one of us as Palm Sunday unfolds and Holy Week begins. I am grateful, looking forward to this Week, that I can draw from the well of your thoughts, companionship, wisdom.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Five: Arts Alive!

My oldest will be in a play at college this weekend, and the arts are on my mind. I have sometimes joked that I have a houseful of performing seals! My children have acted, sung, danced, played musical instruments in venues ranging from school, to church, to children's theatre, to professional theatre, to a symphony hall.

Whether it was on Broadway or at your neighborhood elementary school, name five experiences of the performing arts that have touched or tickled you.

Please let us know in the comments if you play!

(Friday Five will take a break for Good Friday, but will return on April 21st.)