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Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Roundup: Third Times the Charm?

Where did we leave off?
Oh, yes.

6. If you are still working on your sermon (who, me?), check in at Dylan's Lectionary Blog. Although she is on the road, she has some help for the busy, uninspired or just seeking this week.

7. Ann at What is Your Only Comfort gives frosting advice and lauds cupcakes as an outreach tool.

8. Seminarian Zinnhead has had a busy week, complete with blisters, missed flights and dinner with a prophet. Read all about it.

9. HeyJules had one of those days, complete with "Satan and the Jiffy Lube Sign."

10. Finally, go visit Mary to see pictures of the "situational liturgy" at her OP/EN service.

A blessed weekend to all of you!

Friday Roundup, Party Shuffle Edition

Following the trend from the other day, I'm going to point you to the first ten blogs in the ring I discover by clicking on "Random," unless the posts have been highlighted already.

1. It goes back a few days, but check out the post at Sacramentality about last weekend's Peace March.

2. Joe at Pondering Perfection discusses what a pastor needs to know about law and politics.

3. Earlier this week, RevJen shared a sermon about Hurricane Katrina, poverty and Paul's letter to the church at Philippi. Hey, she's UCC!! Woohoo! When are we going to start a UCC Bloggers WebRing?

4. Karen at Kinesis writes about the Progressive Christian Values Conference; Karen, I just got to see my friends who are back after four years in South Africa.

5. Quotidian Grace is assured of salvation now! See the gift her friends gave her to help her along the way.

6. We have to leave for a piano lesson. Tune in for Part 3 a little later.

Friday Roundup, Part the First

I have to get the dogs out for a walk, but I want to start the day by pointing you to one of our members who has asked for prayer. Please stop in and see Preacher Mom today.

And come back later for a more wide-ranging round-up, if you would be so kind.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Roundup

Thursday round-up.

Peacebang who is not really a part of this webring, but really should be talks about who a minister really is during a funeral. Wonderful read.

PPB blogs on a good grief today as well.

Bad Alice offers expert advice. And it sounds so very very true. And familiar. Almost painfully so.

Revmom/cheesehead has one of those situations.... Disgruntled congregants. Again, sounds familiar.

Friday Mom met God on Monday. She's a blonde who smells bad. An excellent story.

Jane Ellen is preparing for ordination and compares it to a wedding. Sounds like fun.

Sue deals with bullies.

Preacher mom blogs for the first time in a couple of weeks. Sounds like she needs to meet Alice. They both could use a hug.

Lutheranchik blogs about angels.

Susie at Nueva Cantora blogs about libraries (I love libraries!) and banned book week (as do I.

Will Smama blogs from the beach. Sounds like she is having a wonderful time -- RevGalBlogPal convention at the beach? Epworth at the Sea is at St. Simon's.....

Terri learns why CPE is sometimes called "ripping the student a new one."

Purechristianithink blogs about her condolence calls -- and why she should look more like Kate Winslet.

Reverend Mother blogs about a new week -- sorta like plant a tree week but different. You learn something every day....

Lorna doorblogs for Friday -- of course her Friday comes before mine does....

St. Casserole is on the way home today. Traveling mercies her way.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wednesday Post Highlights

It's wonderful to be gradually getting back in the groove after dealing with the threat of Hurricane Rita. Many thanks to all of you who checked on me and left notes of concern during those stressful days. Who says a virtual community can't be similar to a real community? Not me.

Speaking of hurricanes, St. Cassarole is preparing to return to her home after several weeks away following Hurricane Katrina. Bad Alice writes about the difficulty of watching her husband struggle with intractable pain. Stop by and leave them an encouraging word.

Congratulations to Lorna who was the subject of this week's Methodist Blogger Profile by John at Locusts and Honey. She joins fellow RevGals Reverend Mommy, and Grandma Jean and Beth Quick in that exclusive club of Methodist Bloggers. By the way, it's a great interview, too.

In quick run around the webring I found that Jo(e) went skinny dipping at the monastery, Pink Shoes wants to know What's In Your Car?, and Faith or Fiction has the perfect recipe for that squash-hating husband. Looking for creative ideas for your confirmation class? Check out Reverend Mommy's use of movie clips to illustrate the differences between the Four Gospels.

Lastly, don't miss Hey Jules post about what blogging and the RevGalBlogPals webring means to her. I can't summarize it and do it justice, so read it for yourself.

A Word on Behalf of Reverend Mommy and the Advent Devotional Book Project:

Help Reverend Mommy! If you owe her a devotional, please get it to her as soon as possible. Also, check her post below and leave your vote for the book title.

Just an Update

We have 70 people in the ring right now -- and that's so much more that I ever dreamed we could have. We range from young to old, men and women, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopal, UU, UCC and who knows what else.

In other news,
I have only 7 more devotionals remaining to be submitted -- and they are on the way. I'm still short of a title. Many of us mentioned light -- several of us mused about being a mother and expecting a child. There are a couple that made me cry -- and a few that made me laugh. And suggestions for a title? I'm stuck.

___________________: Advent Devotionals from an Intentional Online Community.

___________________: Advent Reflections from the RevGalBlogPal Webring.

Come on y'all. I need suggestions.

Monday, September 26, 2005

monday revgal highlights

It's amazing what you'll find by clicking "random" a few times through our ring...

Joe at Pondering Perfection is taking the day off, yet shares some tributes to his dad.

Friday Mom shares an image of the Holy Spirit -- wild and honking and beautiful.

Ugh! The indignity of bad coffee! Check out Katherine at "any day a beautiful change". Also, Cheesehead has an uncomfortable evening.

Quotidian Grace has weathered the storm and is celebrating with cake. Go have a slice!

One can never have too much Henri Nouwen in one's life. LutheranChik can help.

Pure Christian shares the end of an era as her church closes.

Songbird has come down from the mountain! Yay!

HeyJules at Faith or Fiction has football on her mind. Or is it prayer? Or is it both?

I'm still riding the discernment train.

And for those of you who are beyond words today, Amy posts some beautiful photos at Welcome to the Zoo.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last Day

for PureChristianIThink at Rebel without a Pew. Last Sunday to preach in that pulpit to those people -- they are dissolving her church. Drop by and offer up and encouraging word.


Friends, Friday found me at the top of a mountain with wireless that worked rarely, slowly and only if I knelt next to a coffee table. Please forgive me for the lack of update. I'm hoping to catch up this afternoon!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Reports

After a week fo nail-biting and dread, Rita has come and gone. Reports from those most nearly affected are trickling in: Quotidian Grace reports on the Orange Tiffany windows, Terrapin Station worries that since Houstonites dodged the bullet this time, they will shrug off futher warnings. St. Casserole's subsititue blogger reports that Mississippi was largely spared, but prays for those hit by Katrina and Rita. I'm sure further reports will come in over the next few days. Let's keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

a day late and a dollar short

Yesterday (Thursday) was reverend mommy's birthday. Leave her a birthday wish here!

Also, I believe yesterday was the deadline for the advent devotionals. Yipe! I'm finishing my second one ASAP!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

News for the night

Rita is now the third largest Cat 5 hurricane ever tracked, according to a Galveston newspaper, behind only Allen and Camille with winds of 190 miles per hour. Winds are up to 175 miles per hour. The hurricane is taking up most of the gulf of Mexico. About 1,100 Katrina evacuees still in Houston's two mass shelters were being sent to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Some Houston hospitals were evacuated. 1.5 million people are being evacuated from Houston alone. Lord have mercy on your people.

Save the weak and the orphan;
defend the humble and needy;
Rescue the weak and the poor;
deliver them from the power of the the storm.
They do not know, neither do they understand;
they go about in darkness;
all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

Almighty and most merciful God, you are still the Master of land and sea. We live in the shadow of a danger over which we have no control. The Gulf is like a provoked and angry giant. The sea can awake from its seeming lethargy, spill over its natural boundaries, invade our land and once again within a month spread chaos and disaster. Lord, have mercy.

We remember before you all poor and neglected persons in the paths of these storms whom it would be easy for us to forget: the homeless and the destitute, the old and the sick, and all who have none to care for them. Help us to protect those who have already lost so much and who are mourning, and to turn their sorrow into joy. Grant this, Father, for the love of your Son, who for our sake became poor and calmed the storm on the Galilee for the sake of his disciples -- Grant this in the name of your son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Can't Do It Justice Wednesday Highlights

I won't have the time today to do justice to a Wednesday highlight post for RevGalBlogPals. With so many great blogs in the ring, it takes more time to review them than I have right now. For those of you who don't know, I live in the Houston area. Now the bell (Rita) is tolling for us. Today will be consumed with making preparations to secure our church and home. El Jefe, The Noble Dog and I will probably go to San Antonio tomorrow to stay with family until the storm passes.

It feels really weird to turn from caring for evacuees from Katrina to being an evacuee myself. Although we don't live in a storm surge area and could stay, we have done this before and would just as soon be excused this time.

I look forward to being back next week and having the time to catch up with all of you. Please pray for your friends on the Texas coast in the path of Rita.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday: Around the Horn

Just thought your local tomboy would throw in a sports reference…

Starting with myself (because with a Session meeting tonight, I am saving all of my servant type leadership for tonight) I have blogged about my thoughts before going on vacation… tomorrow… to the beach (Can you hear that note? “Me-me-me-me-meeeee...) and I have thrown in a rant about the stinkier side of agriculture.

Time being limited (please see blog – ok, no really I am done now) I thought I would scope out the newbies first since nothing made me feel more ‘at one’ with the revgalblogpals than seeing my blog name in ‘link-ese’! Here are those from the list who updated:

Possible Water – Health update, Eli’s blog
Another Country – birth announcement (not hers)

Other entries:
St. Casserole– Kitty Guest Blogger (don’t ask, just read)
A Raid on the Inarticulate – A touching blog in memory of her father
Cheesehead in Paradise – decides she’s good enough…
Faith or Fiction? – posts a bit o’ rant and PUPPY PICTURES!
I will sing – Needs the bishop & rector to agree with her about her next call placement
Narrow at the Outset – How you can celebrate a team that scores a total of 23 points in two games is beyond me… ok, actually I totally understand. And God bless ya’ for staying up that late!

Our rockers include:
Wide-eyed and laughing, Hoosier Musings... Musings of a Discerning Woman and preacher,blogger, or procastinator… (ok, that’s me again!)

Some of your blogs also include a quiz about what foreign language you should take which leads me to include this:
RANDOM FOREIGN LANGUAGE BLOG of the Week! My 8 years of Introductory Spanish classes leads me to believe it is in Spanish (or something similar. Other than that, please peruse at your own risk. I have no idea what it is saying; only that it includes pictures of two men on a couch (yes, clothed – you disgust me) and The Lord’s Supper (yes, clothed – seriously!)

Enjoy and have a great week! I will miss next Tuesday as I will be at the beach!
Hee, hee – I snuck in one more link…

Monday, September 19, 2005

just another manic monday

Happy Monday everyone. My goodness, our little group is blossoming! I'm sorry if I missed your blog in my quick spin around the ring. Here are some highlights--check out the Saturday and Sunday updates for other great stuff:

Songbird faces that nightmare scenario--the early Sunday morning realization that the sermon bites. Read how well it turns out for her here.

Juniper68 at Possible Water links to a funny Bush joke and jumps on the Julian bandwagon. St. Casserole contemplates a new article of clothing.

jo(e) writes about an amazing student trip and has us all ready to register for her class.

Lots of great slice-of life stuff, including answers to the eternal question, "What do you people do all day?" at
Good in Parts, Becky's Monday Morning Letters, and Terri at Ps 121.

Finally, Kinesis continues wrestling with Sunday's hand-grenade of a parable, and Tammy at Sacramentality ponders the sacred ordinary in the monarch's journey.

Last of all--come have fun with movie titles here!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yee-Haw! Sunday's Round-Up!

Greetings, friends! I have been much occupied in preparing my home for visitors this weekend - which visit is now done. I feel like my brain is cooked, though I haven't used it much the last few days - it's all been my body doing the work. Must consider this. Perhaps a balance of blogging AND vacuuming is called for the next time!

In the meantime - around the Ring, many considerations are under way. I imagine many of us folks from the liturgical leaning are thinking about today's Gospel (Matthew 20:1-16): I call it the BEGRUDGING story. If I work all day, shouldn't I get more than someone who works only half an hour!? As my 16-year-old says, "That SUCKS! It isn't FAIR!" Go see Emily at Hazelnut Reflections, who thinks about this in a refreshing way.

Lutheran Chik has been well loved by her Sunday Schoolers, and Pink Shoes had a lovely, similar gift from a child with Down Syndrome.

Poems from Reverend Mommy and Reverend Mother. Lorna is making long-term plans. Rebel without a Pew and Telling Truth are thinking of life and death, in literal terms and also in the come-and-go that faces us all. And St. Casserole weeps to know that her friend is moving from the Coast to Chicago.

Lord, cast your net under us all. Sustain us with your peace and your sweet, lovely darkness. Bring us again to your perfect light.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday Panorama


Today in RevGalBlogPal land, Jen is celebrating a birthday. Whoo Hoo! Save us some cake.
Any day a beautiful change explores various mysteries of the techie realm.
Bad Alice counts the ways she loves her husband.
Steph aims a well directed rant at the strange definition most churches have of "young people", and the strange paradox of boomer church-goers who to recruit gen-xers without really engaging gen-x culture or genuinely valuing what they value.
Lutheranchik reflects on how the Katrina disaster lays bare the divide between American Civil religion and biblical Christianity.
Preacher, Blogger or Procrastinator is soliciting suggestions for a non-cutsie, musically diverse childrens' CD.
Reverend Mommy passes along some fine etiquette tips for entertaining Mormon missioinaries.
Lorna muses on how even we fresh faced gals who perfer the natural look can fall prey to the temptation to wear spiritual cosmetics.
and Welcome to the Zoo is experiencing a need for more vocational discernment, (unlike the rest of us, who have got it all figured out . . . NOT.)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Welcome to newest members

Juniper68 at Possible Water
Rev Jen at Meandering Mumbles and Redundant Rantings
Beth Quick at
SWMM at Preacher in Progress
Katherine from Any Day a Beautiful Change
Poor Mad Peter from Another Country
Amy Averyat Welcome to the Zoo.

Oh, Songbird may have welcomed Amy already -- I just hear the song from Putt-Putt visits the Zoo

We are the Topiary Creatures
We're very glad to meet'cha
Senor's and Senorita's too

Welcome to the Zoo, zoo, zoo
With the kangaroos, roos, roos
And the tigers too, too, too.
Welcome to the zoo-zoo-zoo

As I was doing this, Purechrisianithink was posting a round-up and another person joined the ring.
Welcome also to:
Rev. Jeanny House at House Calls.
64 active members!
too cool!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday: Freaky, Frantic or Fantastic?

Dear friends,
I have a congested head and a sore ear and throat and a hoarse voice this afternoon, and I haven't written anything serious for the past few days (including a sermon). But I have read some beautiful things around the ring and want to commend them to you:

"Small Losses" at Telling Truth
"Ordinary" at The Ice Floe
"Hurricane Lilies" at Terrapin Station
"The Monarchs are Coming" at Sacramentality
"Too Busy Really" at Good in Parts

And for funny or sweet family stories, look here
"Comedy Central" at Rebel Without a Pew
"What's Been Happening" at Preacher Mom's
and come visit me, too, for some "Man Talk."

Elsewhere you'll find the element quiz, more fall memes and a bit of Friday Cat-Blogging (even some Evacuee Cat Blogging at St. Casserole's).

Have a peaceful weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Devotional Book

Is shaping up fast. I spent the morning at the District meeting working on it. They thought I was taking notes. =o)

The ideas about photos are great. Just email me high resolution pictures. The bigger the picture the better.


Thursday in Brief

Bad Alice blogs on the woes of mommyhood. Sick kids, grumpy mama. Oh, Alice, I hear ya! Been there -- so many times. {{hugs}} to Alice. On the other hand, girl who is processing life has a sore throat. It's getting to be that time of year, folks! Purell and vitamins are being purchased at my house!

The Fall meme is going the rounds, being done by revmom and Purechristianithink and Yodabeth.

Inner Dorothy does the MASH thing and blogs some ideas to contain the flu. Finding Avalon does the MASH thing and points us an article where Bush takes the blame. Well, whadda know....

Grandma Jean has opinions -- today about the Hamas. Lutheran Chik has her own blog party.

Pink Shoes discovers that she is really Julian of Norwich (another quiz, hmmmm....) Julian in Pink Shoes, that is.

Stacey and I both need a day off. I suggest getting a pedicure together in different cities.... =o)

Lorna blogs about those who blog about being authentic and transparent. Very though provoking.

And our beloved Songbird is singing about the Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees....

And finally for today, our beloved St. Casserole sings "Louisiana 1927" and blogs of compassion fatigue. But the open letter in the comments from Mr. Casserole made me tear up. Such a kind and loving man -- offering reassurance across 1000 miles.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Link-Ups

Will Smama was so thorough yesterday that today's highlights from the webring will be relatively brief.

Several RevGalPals blogged about their recent personal struggles. Revmom lost her composure after a memorial service and worries about the effect of that on her congregation. Hey Jules at Faith or Fiction writes about "Becoming Transparent" about her life. Fall is a restless season, says Lutheran Chik, and she finds her spirit also is restless. Susan Rose is glad that God knows whiners.

Here are the latest Katrina-related posts: Sue at Inner Dorothy wants to find more creative ways to help than sending money, Becky at Monday Morning Letters congratulates her church for its reponse to the needs of the evacuees, and Ann (What Is Your Only Comfort) has a New Orleans Loyola college student living with her for the rest of the semester while she attends Fordham U. and needs gift cards. And for all of you out there who are puzzled about the pronounciation of those towns in Katrina's path, St. Cassarole offers both Basic and Advanced Pronounciation Guides.

For a bit of fun, read Reverend Mother's recipe for "Lazy Mom's Play-Doh", try jo(e)'s fall meme, or indulge in the latest internet quiz "Which M*A*S*H Character are you Most Like?" Tip of the bonnet to Jane Ellen at Hoosier Musings for the quiz. She was Father Mulcahey, and when I took the quiz I was also Father Mulcahey--which begs the question, are any of the RevGalPals NOT going to be Father Mulcahey?? C'mon, fess up!

Tech Support

We don't really have a tech support department. Reverend Mommy and I are both new to the WebRing thing and doing our best to have things go smoothly for both the ring and the blog.

I believe I have everyone on the blogroll now; thanks to Amy for pointing out that she had been missed.

If you are a prospective member and need help adding the html code to your blog, check the archives for July. We posted help for both Blogger and Typepad at that time. If you're using something else and need help, respond here and we will try to find the information for you.

There is some sort of snafu related to St. Casserole's URL if you try to connect to her using the "List" function in the webring sidebar. It looks fine in her registration information, so I cannot explain this cyber mystery. Her blog is accessible from the Blogroll here, and of course you can bookmark her yourselves.

Due to an increase in spam comments on Blogger, some of our members do not allow non-Blogger comments, while others are using the codeword approach to frustrate the spammers. I have noted a complaint about the former approach and would point out that it is free to register with Blogger and get an ID that will allow you to post; a Blogger blog is not required, although it may seem like you are going through the process to set up a blog. It's a little more trouble than registering for Haloscan comments or Typepad comments, but once it's done, you're all set. (I personally have sometimes needed to type in a codeword more than once, due to having 44-year-old eyes; I've made an appointment with the eye doctor.)

Please, if you have a complaint about something to do with tech for the Web Ring, bring it here to the blog rather than leaving it in other people's comments. There is no guarantee that it will be seen in a timely fashion in a comments box. The Web Ring e-mail address is also available, although it is not checked daily.

This is a new group and very new technology for some of us. Please be patient.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday Round-Up

Greetings all! I fully expect after a few rounds of Tuesday posts from me to have my 'revgalblogpals' keys revoked! Until then...

We get some 'slice of life' updates from Jen at ordinary time (bike accident - yikes), bad alice, finding avalon, Susan Rose at Musings of a discerning woman (get thee to a nunnery!), MiBi,reverend mother and see-through faith.

Hurricane Katrina blogs include Friday Mom's raw reflection on her involvement with hurricane evacuees through her residency. Quotidian Grace gives an update on the doin's in Houston with an interesting note on the Muslim community especially in light of 9/11. St. Casserole's posts continue to be riveting no matter how short. She is so much in our prayers. I will sing posts on the lighter side of Hurricane Relief. And Ann give us an opportunity to give direct help to Vanessa, a hurricane evacuee.

Some other notes:
faith or fiction asks if Satan is God's plaything or actual nemesis.
Grandma Jean sparks me into wondering why we cannot have the equivalent of maternity leave after every time we preach?
jo(e) writes a powerful account of a fundraiser for a women's shelter and has a great line from a student in the post just below it.
notshychirev takes a ride down memory lane at Astroworld (ticket please).
New Song takes her digs at the GOES (Episcopal ordination exams).
Rebel Without a Pew continues on her church's journey towards dissolution.
In 'Tales of a Fifth Grade Princess songbird tells of a timeless ritual - first bra shopping.
Terrapin Station reflects eloquently on loving those we disagree with and praying for our enemies.
And Thoughts from a First Year Minister blogs about her Profession of Faith class with Jr. High boys. All I can say is enjoy the honesty, First Year... and remember they have no idea why they're acting that way either!

Which Saint are You? seems to be the latest quiz making the rounds. I myself am way behind the times having just completed 100 things about me. And yes, when you jump on the bandwagon that late, it does leave a mark.

I am now dizzy and must go. You have one more week of judging and then a week of discernment as I will be away at the beach and unable to post.

Until next time...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Uh, Hmmm....

I am losing track of stuff rapidly. I haven't done anything online in a couple of days and boy, y'all have been generous with your talents. The devotional grid is full -- I actually have a couple of extras scheduled. Please send finished devotionals as soon as you can so that I can format them and Mary Beth and I can edit.

I am working on the cover right now. Any suggestions for a Title? Many of the ones we have now are about light and darkness -- what do you think?

BTW, Cokesbury in Atlanta wants to carry the book. And Real Live Preacher is willing to write a foreword. Goody!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Round-up

Here we go 'round the blog-ring...

Remembering September 11, 2001, Jo(e) shares about a student who worked in the recovery effort at Ground Zero. Very powerful.

We are thinking, too, about things and their places in our lives. Go listen to TammyJo and PPB (the latter is the September 7 entry beginning with, "I overheard a couple in a coffee shop...")

Our dearest St. Casserole continues to emerge into new life. Songbird is knitting face cloths for Katrina survivors (a new take on the prayer stole!). Preacher Mom's daughter is finding her voice. And HeyJules at Faith or Fiction has a new mantra - see the September 9 entry.

Finally, thinking about blogging and its role in our lives...go listen to Sue at Inner Dorothy and Stacey at First Year Minister.

A blessed week to all.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Thoughts in RevGalBlogPal land

First, would you like to volunteer to do a round-up once a week? We have recappers for five days of the week and are still seeking Tuesday and Saturday. The commitment is to do your utmost to provide a round-up on your day, with the understanding that it may just not happen every week.

Here are some new entries you might like to read:

*Go and say hello to our newest members today. Poor Mad Peter of Another Country reflects on the love God feels for all of us; Preacher in Process wrote recently about an unusual rite of passage; Amy at Welcome to the Zoo writes about being back in school; and Katherine at any day a beautiful change blogs about the spiral effect of Technorati searches.

*Karen at Kinesis has returned from South Africa and now has a link to pictures in her sidebar.

*NotShyChiRev is, well, let's just say enthusiastic about Jon Stewart's return from vacation.

*Steph at I Will Sing writes about her concern that some are disconnected from the hurricane aftermath, as does Carol at Smallest Angel.

This is far from inclusive. Check out our blogroll in the sidebar today and visit a new friend!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Advent Devotional

The grid for days/scriptures is here.

The beginnings of the book is here.

Deadline of Sept 22 (my birthday!). And there are blank spots on the grid. Please let me know if you can do an additional one.

Wednesday Highlights From the Ring

First of all, there's a new report from St. Cassarole. Good news, her church and all her people survived. Keep them in your prayers.

In other Katrina-related postings, Bring All the Walls Down remembers 9/11 and Katrina and reflects on how people are the places they call home. I continue my ongoing blogging from Houston and Preacher,Blogger or Procrastinator awards her Boot to the Head to the hurricane and asks for your nominees. Reverendmommy shares a prediction about the damage of a hurricane in New Orleans. Presbyterians on the ring should check out A Modest Proposal by Rebel Without a Pew (yes, it is hurricane-related).

Moving to other subjects, Jules at Faith or Fiction asks "What Do You Love Most About the Bible?" You can find notes on Anne Lamott's new book Plan B from Ordinary Time. Anyone who ever was a substitute teacher for a middle school class will relate to Emily's report of her adventure with a 7th grade religion class.

Jo(e) reflects on the awkwardness of reconnecting with an estranged brother, Rev. Mibi shares good and bad things from her day and Jane Ellen of Hoosier Musings has some newly-picked apples.

Here's another one of those quizzes: What Kind of Coffee Are You? Hat tip to Lutheran Chik. I'm not even taking it because I know the answer--I'm Starbucks grande regular coffee, with room for non-fat milk.

Grace and peace to each of you.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A suggestion

Here's a suggestion. I am working on the Advent Devotional Book. We have 5 devotions submitted and formatted (a tenth -- yeah!) I still need perhaps 7 more people to write devotionals. I will post the document of who is doing what when I get home much much later tonight.

How about we use the proceeds of the book (scant as they may be) to either 1) donate to Red Cross for Hurricane Relief or 2) donate to St. Casserole's church to help with rebuilding and renovations?

What are your thoughtS?

p.s. If you can finish your devotional ASAP, we can get it to press faster and thus to Amazon faster so that we can sell more books and make more money.... Just a thought.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday Round-up

Happy Sunday, all.

All of us in this blogring are anguishing over Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Many have struggled mightily with sermons this week. I'm grateful to have this community with which to share.

Several have said that they are over-saturated and nearly destroyed by so much coverage of tragedy and perversity and pain. I am there myself, and needing to get out, I round up on some other topics this evening:

Sue's 23-year-old son, Awesome, is heading out as an adult. Pray him Godspeed.

Jo(e) is on the way to camp, a Labor Day tradition of 37 years' standing. What a lovely setting in which to process and pray.

Cheesehead is back. Go see her!

LutheranChik shares her doggy theology (and a picture of the cutest dog in the world...except maybe mine!) ;)

In a lovely poem, Pink Shoes muses about water (death, birth, life, rebirth) as she prepares to preach at the baptism of her son, Baby Boy.

ReverendMother's wonderful C learns a new use of language, and Songbird sends a son off to college (photo!)

Blessings and love to you and yours.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Response

Dear friends,

In lieu of a Friday round-up, I want to share with you an e-mail I received from Ring member Jody, whose blog is Quotidian Grace, this morning. Knowing that she lives in Houston, I had asked how my church might help her church as that community ministers to Hurricane Katrina evacuees. If you're like me, you're wondering how to help in a way that feels direct and meaningful. If a small church can raise $400 (about what Small Church did for the tsunami), how can that be spent in a way that we know will help someone? This is not to take away from the good work being done by the American Red Cross and other relief organizations, or any of the efforts of our denominations. I am feeling an imperative to do something personal, to remember that the individuals and families affected are just that, not some general collective of anonymous victims.

The information in Jody's e-mail will also be on her blog later, where she has been blogging for several days about the Houston community's response to the Hurricane.

Blessings to all involved in this effort,

Jody's e-mail:

As evacuees continue to pour into Houston our church has been asked to help a sister congregation, St Paul Presbyterian, a few miles away that is temporary shelter for 50 people. This congregation is much smaller than ours, but has shower facilities which we don't have so we can't be a shelter.

They are asking for in-kind donations, but not clothing. Shipping these items that are readily available here is expensive and not necessary. If you and your church are interested in helping a specific congregation like ours and St. Paul's care for these people that St. Paul's is housing, I think the best option is to send gift cards for gasoline or food. That is one of the things they are asking for.

Since most of our grocery store chains here are regional I would suggest getting gift cards from the national chains like Target and Wal-mart which are easily accessible here and you can get food at all of them. As for gasoline cards, Shell, Exxon and Texaco are the most common national retailers here.

Our church is collecting the items and gift cards and will get them to
St Paul's. You can mail them to me:

Jody Harrington, Director of Christian Education
Southminster Presbyterian Church
4200 Cartwright Road
Missouri City, Texas 77459

It is truly a blessing to know of your concern and desire to help. I'm
going to volunteer to help bring and serve food and St Paul's so I
will be personally involved in this effort.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday Roundup

Songbird posts her ponderings and musings about how to preach this Sunday in the midst of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As do we all. Dylan offers up a prayer and a plea for donations to relief agencies. I blog about how to make health kits for the victims and where to mail them. Emily, Jane Ellen, Preacher Mom, LutheranChik, Susan Rose, Susie blog about Katrina -- Susie also blogs about her brother's service on Monday. Our prayers continue to go to Susie today.

QGrace tells stories of the hurricane. A must read.

Mary B. blogs about using M&M flapjacks for communion at Greenbelt. Kathryn blogs briefly about some good experiences. Karen choose not to go to Greenbelt, but stay in Africa and has an harrowing experience.

Grandma Jean's links were eaten by her laptop. And she has the Charge Conference Blues.