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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Travelogue

First off--drop by and say Hi to new ring members: Sally at Eternal Echoes and revhrod at You don't have to listen I just like to talk. Welcome to the Ring!

Several of us are reflecting on the legacy of Coretta Scott King: check out jan, heyjules and cats.

Songbird and Emily are both thinking and wondering about the Emergent/Emerging/Alt.worship movement--or should it be movements?? What is your understanding of what this initiative/movement is all about? Is it the same thing as contemporary worship? Is it just the same old evangelicalism dressed up with candles and piercings? Or the most creative thinking about church and culture happening today? Is it homophobic? Unbiblical? A young white male thing? Too wierd? Or a mixed bag with some really good ideas and some stuff that we'll cringe about in twenty years? Drop in and add your two cents worth. Or post your thoughts on your own blog and let us know in the comments below.

In other news Dash has posted a video of himself leading chapel worship, Mary Alternative blogs about her student Mohammed, and Brother Terry has an interesting post about the Church of Jesus Christ as a devouring sword.

Are you done with your devotionals? Me neither--gotta run!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Procrastination

In lieu of a round-up I'm posting a few questions.

Why? Because in all honesty, I'm not done with my submissions for Ordinary Time.

The guilt that I have tells me I should spend time writing instead of rounding.

So... in case you're done with your writing, didn't sign up and have nothing better to blog, or, well, need a way to procrastinate writing even longer....

1. Are you a procrastinator?

2. If so, what is your favorite way to procrastinate? And what task are you most likely to put off?

3. If not.... share your best time-management method.

As always, use the comments to let us know that we can procrastinate even more by reading the interesting things that you've left for us on your blog...

Happy Blogging,
Pink Shoes

Sundayish Self-Serve

Forgive my failure to round up yesterday; I've been down with a terrible headache. It's an uninvited guest that won't leave.

Perhaps you would kindly round up yourselves this morning, in preparation for the Monday review.

Won't you tell us, in the comments, what you've been writing about? Or share something from another RGBP that you've particularly liked?

Go ahead...Talk amongst yourselves...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday A.M. Ring Review

Yesterday's Friday Five Winter Reading Meme, posted by the lovely and gracious Songbird, drew a number of players. Check out the comments on the post below and you'll find lots of good reading suggestions for the dark, cold winter evenings still ahead of us.

A big HOWDY to Mindy of Bits and Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom, the newest member of the webring. Mindy is a familiar commenter on many of the RGBP blogs. You'll want to learn about her plans for Pantypalooza 2006.

A number of you posted war stories from the parenting front. Bad Alice's Drama Queen is growing up. JWD had a Mom Moment she wishes she had back--and haven't we all? Proud Parent Warning: reverendmother reports on her latest parent/child conference with C's teacher. There's a Cheetos addiction problem at Cathy's house.

The Bible in 90 Days bloggers are well into the history books now. Mary Beth sent Lorna a new Bible which poses a dilemma for her. Susan Rose has been reading the parable of the seeds and shares her reflections.

Friday Poetry Blogging is catching on! Jo(e) started it last week and this week Juniper68 joins in. If serious poetry is not your cup of tea, check out Will Smama's Lame Friday Night Poetry and Steph's Lament of the Lonely Cornflake. As Dave Barry says, I am NOT making this up.

Philosophy Over Coffee's weekly Friday Pop Culture roundup includes reviews of the movies Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Wedding Crashers. Other pop culture posts come from Katherine who is happy The Book of Daniel was cancelled and Amy reports on a day spent with the Food Channel and TLC while recuperating from an auto accident. Rebel offers some hilarious misheard popular song lyrics here. You can find a youth group devotional from Hit the Back Button here which has a Superman theme. Or play along with Lutheran Chik's 5 Guilty Song Pleasures meme.

There was an unexpected gift in the chapel for Kathryn. Carolyn feels God pushing her out of the nest and into a new challenge. Brother Terry is celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday. Economic diversification is the subject of Gord's latest musings. Join the Peripatetic Polar Bear in her happy dance!

Newest blogthing noted at Songbird's place: the Word Cloud. I can't explain this, just go see it.

Finally a good question for all of us from the Rainbow Pastor--What is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?

Have a wonderful weekend and let us know what's going on with you in the comments, if I failed to note it here!

Friday, January 27, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Winter Reading

Every year at Christmas, I look forward to new books. I’ve already enjoyed a few and still have more on the bedside table to carry me through the winter. Here, then, are five questions about Winter Reading.

  1. If you received books as holiday presents, how many and what were they?
  2. Did you buy any for yourself, and if so what are the titles?
  3. Have you read any of them yet? What’s next on your list?
  4. Do you have a favorite place to read a new book? And does the weather have an impact on that choice?
  5. Does reading in bed make you sleepy?

Let us know in the comments if you play! You’ll find my answers here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quickly, quickly...

As I am on my third funeral since returning from vacation I am still digging out from the pile on my desk all while I am dumping on it! I laugh in the face of the Ordinary Time deadline and dare it to make me stress!!! HA! HA! HA!

So here is a brief round-up. Please add yours to the comments. I know people check that thing!

Tammy Jo encourages us to pray for Mike.

A Church for Starving Artists makes a great statement: "The problem is not that you disagree about the issues. The problem is that you don't love the people." Her context is The West Wing and a Presbytery meeting.

Katherine blogs about tough texts.

Bad Alice gives us this fine quote: (Have I mentioned that no matter what time Firecracker goes to bed, or how busy her day, at 10 pm I will find her sitting up in bed, bright-eyed, playing with a car?) during her post about why she hates mornings.

bethquick blogs about her favorite author, Barbara Kingslover.

blanket in the grove blogs about saying nothing and one post lower about being a 'non-anxious presence.'

Brother Terry blogs about losing Jimmy. Why he chose this topic when he is surrounded in cyberspace by mostly women is beyond me.

Balancing out the gender wars begun by Brother Terry... Cathy gives us a Spanish Christening Shawl Update.

Chaplain Mom is installed! Congrats!

Cheesehead blogs about her kids, herself and The Spotlight.

Just a reminder that blogger is going down at 4PM PST. I fully plan to use that 15 minutes or so as my excuse for EVERYTHING that does not get doen this week.

Peace friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What the blog dragged in

Happy Tuesday everyone. Here's some of what's new.

Songbird and Preacher Mom are doing the 25 Wierd Questions meme.

Another Country is peopled out and recovering from the Canadian election.

HeyJules meditates on the word "funky".

Cathy has a Kiddy Lit Trivia question for us.

Girl finally shares a Disney story.

Share your recurring anxiety dream over at Jo(e)'s place.

Micahgirl also has a sleepless night.

And Finding Avalon shares a collection of animal quotes for in memory of some of her animal mentors.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Rounding, rounding, rounding ....

Welcome! I hope that your Mondays were, if nothing else, blog-worthy.

Here's a sampling of what's 'round the 'ring....

Katherine has some thoughts about "contemporary Christian music" and a review of Derek Webb

Brother Terry shares some pirated poetry with the rest of us. Does that make us phantom pirates?

Monday Night Thoughtball returns to Faith or Fiction.

Thanks to Gord for the reminder that it's Literacy Week. (Funny that they didn't mention that at the library when I was there this afternoon....)

Gallycat would like prayers for entering the real estate market. And Steph would like prayers as she's being observed by her principal tomorrow.

GirlGoneGreat does an iPod meme.

Kathryn blogs about space, and I for one want to know the alarm story.

Jane Ellen lifts up a friend and ponders questions about evangelism and Christianity.

Ok, Preacher Mom, James, Rachel and Rainbow Pastor -- GET BETTER!! Our thoughts and prayers and virtual soup and hugs are with you.

Jen goes 10 miles for a NY Times and so much more.

We have a lead foot among us, at least one who got caught... Ahem, I guess that's Sister Lead Foot.

Welcome to the Mondays Off Club, Philosophy over Coffee.

Juniper68 a football fan? Maybe ....

Reverend Mommy is thinking ...

St. Casserole is giving us warning about her upcoming blog-break.

And, Singing Owl remembers some people who have influenced her.

As always, please let us know in the comments if I've missed your blog.

Cheers and good tidings,
Pink Shoes

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Scanning

Any of you RGBP's working on Ordinary Time entries? Please remember that they are due, posted to the OT blog, by January 30. :)

So, what's going on in our neighborhood?

Yodabeth finds that a research project covering something you are NOT passionate about is....ummmm.....just about like a research project.

In the Calling a New Pastor Department: Amy at the Zoo has spent the weekend buying a house, interviewing with the Presbytery, preaching at her new church, little things like that. Can't wait to hear all about it! Rebel is contemplating her arrival at her New Church, too, and what the demeanor should be. Xena, Warrior Princess, perhaps? As she says, "Yikes. Good thing the only image we are really supposed to focus on is the image and likeness of Christ, huh?"

First Year Minister has met Sparks and even has a photo of him on her blog. Clearly this makes her one of the cool kids! Clearly I am NOT one of them because I do not have any idea who this person is....any intelligence appreciated. :)

As The Tentmaker reminds us...we all stand in the shadow of the Cross.

The Lone Barista commends us to Whole Foods for their policies of solar-power and free wireless internet. I am already THERE! Polar Bear will have to be, too, because her home internet connection has been declared KAPUT until further notice. Bah.

In the "please pray for" department, Rachel's left knee has decided to take a vacation from regular knee activity. Eric has a special parishioner who is gravely ill and school beginning at the same time. Rainbow Pastor is sick! Monday the 23rd is Election Day in Canada and Gord shares prayers for that event. Chaplain Mom has been planning her installation for this weekend. Hope it went well. Brother Terry is working through whether to stay bi-vocational...

In the Thanksgivings section, do give thanks for Sister Christer's new baby niece! She is a beauty! lots of photos a-waiting. And here in North Texas, we have RAIN! Bless the Lord! Cats' Silent Prince has lowering lead levels, does NOT have fragile X or a chromosome disorder...and they also have a new doctor.

Telling Truth has received support from administration (hooray!) and is grieving the loss of her Rev. Psalm 121 has finished her hospice service and is reflecting. Joe is considering the role of the church as the hope of the world.

St. Casserole's kittens have writing assignments. Our Songbird has been feeling like a Jonah.

Lorna has been checking in from Estonia, where the temperatures have gone to -29C. She has been working like crazy, dining with a Russian family, trying to stay healthy, and continues with the Bible in 90 days.

Mibi has been on a women's retreat and planning for a Mississippi mission trip. Richard at Looking Backward/Looking Forward is disappointed in lack of willingness to participate in a children's ministry.

Heather has some fascinating scientific items to share. Susan Rose has exported herself to Canada to have lunch and meet another groovy sister.

Julie at Musings is back from her little hiatus and invites comments on Mark 1:21-28, the text on which she is preparing to preach next week. LutheranChik wonders what she wants to be when she grows up? HeyJules has a manifesto: "I am an artist and I work for God."

Jo(e) continues to work on the snowboarding, with an occasional break to relax with her daughter and The Theory Toolbox.

Sue has great hair! and I always make it a point to read her Sunday morning prayer before I take off to church.

Jane Ellen has a derby winner and a knitting obsession. Hazelnut Reflections is just back from St. Louis and will be helping Jane Ellen with the knitting...but I doubt JE will become less obsessed as a result. Just a guess.

GrandmaJean's been on a weeklong directed retreat. Bliss! Gallycat has a famous relative. Dylan warns us about the dangers of overconsuming RedBull. Cheesehead's husband is useful for pithy sermon items. Mary has already done and despatched her taxes!

Tammy Jo commends us to the Sundance Film Festival website and short films available there. Starving Artists writes about secret lives.

Peace out.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chocolate Rules the Ring

The votes are in and the Official Pleasures of the RGBP webring are (drumroll, please).

In that order. CHOCOLATE was the runaway-winner. No surprise here! Many thanks for playing. I saw about 25 entries this week. A new record?

Post topics are much more diverse than they were during Advent and the New Year. So this summary is a real grab-bag of good reading for your weekend.

Blanket in the Grove celebrates the return to balance in her life while Natty spent her Friday night on the couch with Emeril and Boone's Farm Raspberry wine. I'm not judging, just reporting! Joe decides that resuming daily blogging will be a good spiritual discipline. Check out this video posted by Reverend Mommy. What computer prowess! We are not worthy!

The Bible in 90 Days bloggers are reading Joshua. Teri has come down with a bad case of "Pharoah's revenge" just before her flight to Italy. You can now look forward to Friday Poetry Blogging over at jo(e)'s place. The weekly Pop Culture Roundup at Philosophy Over Coffee includes discussion of the Chronicles of Narnia and the TV show Arrested Development--an unusual pairing!

Some are seeking help from their blogpals. Leslee is looking for a high school friend. Lutheran Chik dares you to ask her anything. Being Shielded asks if we create images to be remembered in the future or to remember the past. After confessing to being a coffee-holic, Amy solicits your recommendations for a new coffee maker. By the way, given the high level of Starbucks-addiction in the group, I was surprised coffee didn't score higher in the Friday Five.

Do heed Mary Beth's post about the importance of mammography and the early detection of breast cancer.

Web Fun and Games Department. Gord was first spotted posting the Life Path Quiz. I saw a new 2 Things Meme at Hey Jules' place. There's a lot of catblogging going on--see Kathryn, Emily and Jonah's photos.

Reminder Department: Songbird is deleting inactive posts from the blogroll (see her message below). Also if you owe Reverend Mommy a devotion or two for the Ordinary Time book, get on it! She needs your work by the end of the month. And as always, please add in the comments anything that was overlooked in my trek around the ring this morning.

Wishing you a restful and enjoyable weekend however you choose to spend it!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Admission to the RevGalBlogPal Webring

Membership in the RGBP webring is open to bloggers who are:

1. Women clergy, women church professionals, and women in religious life or discerning a call.

2. Women or men blogging pals of (1).

3. Committed to building a supportive online community for women clergy,
women church professionals, and women in religious life.

The RGBP webring reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone whose blog
would be disruptive to the community or does not fit within the categories
described above.

Maintaining Membership In the Blogring

1. The RGBP is an active online community. Blogs that are not updated at
least every 3 months will be deleted from the webring. Bloggers deleted for
this reason can apply again for admission to the administrators.

2. Bloggers that are disruptive to the life of the community will be deleted
from the webring.

Please e-mail questions about membership to Songbird. Blessings!

(Because this is an old post, the comments are now closed.)

RevGal Friday Five: Pleasures

This morning I have an appointment with the massage therapist, and although there is a therapeutic need in the form of a sore something-or-other, it always feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure. Please tell us five pleasures in your life, be they small or be they guilty.

Feel free to list them here in the comments, or to point us to your blog if you post there. I'll be playing on mine.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

OK, RevGalBlogPals

I am out of pocket all day until 9:00 pm or so -- I'll do an update at that point.

I have a blogger meet-up today with one of our number -- Gavin -- for lunch. Fun, fun, fun!

Then today is first day of classes at Candler. Only one class, but it's a 3 hour one. And parking on the first day of classes at Emory is SO, uhm, FUN! I'll have to watch out for the traffic monsters..... Pray that one doesn't grab me!

Gavin and Jonathon made it to Grayson.... but not in time for lunch. At first, the receptionist thought they were homeless guys.... (Actually, it seems that Jonathon's intuitive driving took them about 2 hours out of the way... but they had a good time being lost.)

While I wait for Gavo and Jonathon, I sit at the receptionist desk because my "some assembly required" office furniture that was delivered yesterday came in some VERY flat boxes. I assumed if "some" assembly was required, that some assembly was done. If this is "some" assembly, then a "unassembled" desk would come as an un-sawn log.

In the meantime, I get a call "Mama...I feel sick." I rush to the middle school to pick up Chaos. By this time, it's getting really late to leave for class. I get her to the office. She gets sick in the ladies room. No janitor. I call the husband. No answer. I interview Gavin and Jonathon for the Sunday project. I clean up the ucky. I get her home. I get a call from the husband, just in time to *not* make it to class. By the time he would get home to care for the girly and I drive to class, I could get there just in time to be dismissed. Sooooo..... instead, I call the Library committe chairperson and tell her to please send me the minutes, as I will not be there. I call my cancer support co-leader and tell here I will not be there. I fix myself and nice big salad and leave it untouched. I eat chocolate.

So, how's your day? Maybe we should have a "horrible day contest?"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

8:25 EST

Huh... well, I meant to do this at 2:00 EST but naptime for The Boy become naptime for Mommy too. Believe me, it was needed and no matter how far away you live from me we are ALL the better for it.

Now, what do all of YOU have to say today...

Natty gets to stay in town this weekend.

Singing Owl has some brief reflections on Genesis from Blogging Through the Bible in 90 Days.

Terrapin Station has entered into the world of Wednesday Goat Blogging. Is that the same goat that Tom Brady posed with in GQ last Fall?

St. Casserole misses garage sales.

Shield the Joyous continues with her honest postings on responding to God's Call.

Songbird and rev-to-be-mibi both give us beautiful, well written windows into their souls.

Lorna posts from seminary in Finland. My favorite quote: "Communication is always a bit hit and miss here. I don’t speak Russian at all, and Estonian is like Finnish spoken backwards..."

Rambling is Good for the Soul reminds us to WATCH THOSE MOLES!!!

Kudos to Team Butterfly who finished this year's Houston Marathon.

Micah Girl has got a good start going on her now out-of-the-closet resolution. Anybody got an exercise DVD recommendation? (Editor's note: Does Rated X count? Editor's Second Note: Me thinks I have eaten too many Jelly Bellies)

The Two Meme and the Four Meme continue to run rampant throughout the ring.

Love During Wartime did a meme called the Lit Bit. You book lovers will enjoy that one.

Looking Backward...Looking Forward is Looking into stewardship.

Ugh, jo(e)... I HATE when that happens.

Inner Dorothy asks us which part of our lives need to be assessed.

Kathryn continues the conversation on, "Does God suffer?"

I have learned what a "sticky post" is thanks to girl.

Gallycat has a kvetch about stitch n' bitch.

Fresh Cut Flowers has posted her 2006 New Year's Resolutions. Interestingly enough one of them was NOT to be on-time with cultural expectations.... (or something along those lines, but funnier...damn coconut Jelly Belly took away my funny).

Jules has got some work to do on her home... her inner home.

Clever Title Here has some things she used to take for granted.

Cheesehead shares how once again a 'No Tolerance Policy' has gone awry.

Canticles asks some questions about failure.

Congrats to Bethquick and her bloggy award!

Poor Mad Peter hosted a "Meet the Candidate" meeting at his house. My favorite quote from his post is: "Joyce told me later that Martha (not her real name), probed Bruce on the party’s stand on same-sex marriage." (Insert immature, sugar-high, tittering here).

That is all. If you posted, but I did not share please COMMENT.

Good night! (9:57 EST)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to work everyone!

Seems that folks are back from the long weekend and climbing back into the saddle.

Tammy Jo chimes in after a bit of an absence. The group reading the Bible in Ninety Days continues to reflect on that experience. Leslee is remembering her grandmother on her birthday. Gallycat feels she is being pulled in about fifty different directions. Girl is celebrating de-lurking week a week late--go identify yourselves! And check out this cruise for a textbook example of Christian marketing gone berserk.

Pink Shoes and Owl's Song are doing the 4s meme. Lorna has a guest blogger. First Year Minister enjoys an evening of dining alone. Great that you enjoyed yourself, but we wish we could have joined you! And Where to Now is looking for some dog advice. I'm a cat person--can any of the rest of you help her out?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Update

Welcome to the Monday evening update. Please feel free to direct us to your blog via the comments if I haven't included you.

Ciona celebrates the newly-sworn in President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf -- a Methodist!

Several bloggers are thinking and reflecting on Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. : Beth Quick, Rev2Bmibi, and Reverend Mommy, and Philosophy over Coffee.

Canticles shares a Quick Knit Project and Emily shares her knitting space.

Sarah shares some thoughts about coffee and food.

Kathryn shares more training and some memories.

Rebel wants to know, "What's the going rate for the tooth fairy?"

Lorna wishes us a good morning and has had some amazing days!

And, Natty is lovin' her nuns!

Friday Mom
is home sick (and so am I, again.).
Here's hoping that you're all well, and if you aren't, that you'll be that way soon!
Pink Shoes

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Ides of January

Mary's working on a new OP/EN service. This sounds so fascinating, I wish I could participate! She has also sent her son back to university, a poignant wee drama being acted out at colleges and universities all over at this time of year.

Get this: Katherine's mom has a blog! how cool is that! Hmm, maybe I need to get my mom blogging! And Kathryn's fulfilling a VERY important mom role by taking her newly 19 year old daugher birthday shopping. Go see how beautiful this young lady is.

JanEllen has book reviews of book reviews. Sophia is sharing her life process; part one is here.

Several of us are playing the fours game, including Cheesehead, Rebel, First Year Minister, oh dear, did I miss someone!?

There's a twos meme, too (tee hee); consider the notations thereon of Leslee and Girl.

Will Smama wants help with the punch line, please.

CleverTitle has been cruising on the Nile, and Christen has left for the Big Cheese - Disney!

HeyJules has heard a message from a wonderful preacher: "I just wish someone would tell when he'll be speaking so I can start packing a box of kleenex with me..." QGrace is sick...poor thing!

In the worship category: Reverend Mommy's church has had an awesome and historic event which is something I myself have never experienced (yet): "I celebrated communion for the first time in the new chapel. I realized that it was a red letter day -- for the first time in the history of Grayson (that I know of), the celebrant/preacher was female, was assisted by a female, the musicians were female and the acolytes were female. All the major participants were women. Wow."

Also on worship, Amy's church has had a Sunday where it all went right, and over at Net's place, somebody got it! Zinnhead is a dangerous learner: "Orthodoxy is about power. Justice is about Christ."

ReverendMother has a lovely poem...and all the RGPB's said, "me next!" Songbird shares pictures from her Mississippi trip that will break your heart, and St. Casserole has a link to a newspaper story to do the same. She also has a great story about restraint and forbearance (thank fortune for seminary and CPE) and a Whistle and Fish report.

Beaming love and light to you all...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Posting Round Up

Songbird's always popular Friday Five revealed RBGP's are a well-traveled group with lots of interesting stories to share. Check out the comments on her post below for links to them. Among the destinations found in the responses were: India, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, China and Iceland as well as many locations in Europe and the United States. Disneyland was mentioned several times as were some retreat centers in the US.

Some of you are reading a lot this month. Beth Quick shares a review of Joshua: The Homecoming and reveals her resolution to read 52 books this year. Paul Tillich is included in the weekly Pop Culture Roundup over at Philosophy Over Coffee's place. Stacey invites you to read The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and offers a link to a discussion of the book. Lectio Divina is a technique for sacred reading being used by JWD while Dash tries some random Bible reading. Dash, I really don't recommend that technique.

Lutheran Chik is "slogging through the blogging" on Bible in 90 Days and discusses the need for providing people with a context for reading scripture. You can keep up with the progress of those who committed to read the Bible in 90 Days at the newest blog on our ring.

January weather is inspiring some other posters. Songbird finds Hope on a Grey Day and Micah Girl shares rainy morning reflections.

There are some posts with theological and church professional themes as well.

Will Smama
asks how you would define "Grace"? Rev Jen is trying to trust the committee on ministry and its ordination process while Zinnhead analyzes the process of evaluation in seminary. Multiple theological themes are found in the TV show "Lost" by Jan over at A Church For Starving Artists. If you watch, do you agree with her? Natty is off to visit the Groovy Sisters, wondering if their pancakes will pass muster. Canticles is upset by insensitivity at her friend's memorial service.

Any RGBP's planning to attend the PCUSA's General Assembly in Birmingham this year? If so, contact St. Cassarole for a possible meet-up.

National De-Lurkers Week is being observed by the following blogs:
Narrow at the Outset, Cheesehead, St. Cassarole and The Ice Floe. If you read the blog but haven't commented you are invited to "de-lurk" and speak up.

Kinesis gets a good rant off about self-righteous greenies in Berkeley. Loved it!

I'll leave you to ponder Hey Jules' reminder: Why It's Good to Be a Woman. (With apologies to the GalPals of the male persuasion...)

As always, please feel free to let us know through the comments what's new with you if I missed noting it in the round-up. Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, January 13, 2006

More Ordinary Time stuff

I THINK I added all the authors. Let me know if you have not received an email. If you are willing to edit, you need to accept the invitation and then email me at and let me know that -- and then I'll make you a moderator, so that you can edit.

Yes, we post the entries as DRAFTS. When they are all edited, I'll collect them up in a Word file that I have already formatted. Then it goes to the publisher. Thanks to you people who have already posted.

The last count for the Advent books was 581. Plus the books that I ordered for my own use -- that makes about 610 in circulation. Not bad at all for a first book! Yeah! The proceeds are going to be right at $1000, after I pay for the start-up costs. Suggestions as to which Katrina charity would be welcome.

I assigned
Micahgirl to September 3, 4, 5
Emily to September 6
jwd to Nov 23, 24
Sister Christer to Sept 7, 8, 9

I'm posting the grid, as I know it on the blog directly as an entry. So, go to the blog to check it out.

RevGal Friday Five: Travel

Having just returned from a momentous trip, I am thinking about the impact travel can have on our lives. Leaving home whether for a week or a month can open space in our hearts, minds and souls, allowing the Spirit to move in ways unexpected. Seeing new places and meeting new people can change our perspective on the world. And sometimes getting out of town can be just plain fun!

Tell us five places you have been or trips you have taken that have been important to you. Feel free to disguise them if needed to protect your anonymity. The point is not so much the place as the effect. Let us know in the comments if you play!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ordinary Time

I posted some updates to the calendar and the grid.
I assigned some dates to:
Singing Owl and

Please go to the grid and check it out.
We still have missing dates.
Oct 21, 22
Oct 25
Oct 27, 28, 29
Nov 4, 5
Nov 12, 13
Nov 17, 18, 19, 20
Nov 23, 24

And that's it. If you have NOT signed up for a date, please do it now. We would love to hear your voice. The Advent devotional book was wonderful. I loved hearing the different perspectives on all the texts -- and to see the connections between us. It was a blessing.

Please post the bit of the scripture you will be doing with. NRSV will be the defalt bible translation, unless noted.
800 to 1200 words of your devotional. A short prayer. Your name that you wish to be used. A short bio section will be added later.

Deadline -- I would LIKE them posted by the end of the month. Please -- if you are not a member of the common blog "Ordinary Time" , please send me an email at

Thanks so very much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Process Stories

Friends, I talked to many people this past week who are in the process of figuring out what to do next in their lives. Discernment is not just for those of us who are clergy (or prospective clergy). I remember quaking as I prepared to meet with the Committee on Ministry. I took their input seriously and expected they took their responsibility to God, to me and to our denomination as one of equal gravity.

But there are some people who just seem to want to get in our way as we move along the path, aren't there? (In my case, it was usually me!) What is the resistance all about? Is it a valid test of call? Or something negative that seeks to disrupt what is right? Or some of both?

If you have a process story that might be helpful to others on the path, I hope you will share it in the comments here or link to your blog if you post one there.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I bind unto myself today...

the strong Name of the Trinity,
by invocation of the same,
the Three in One, and One in Three.

The first Sunday of Epiphany in my (liturgical) church is an occasion for baptism, and we all renew our baptismal vows. Mine were made for me when I was about two months old, so I appreciate the opportunity to affirm my belief and commitment! We baptized three perfectly darling little ones this morning, including the son of a fellow choir member. LutheranChik also participated in baptism today.

Grace, too, remembers her baptism(s), and JaneEllen shares a sermon. MicahGirl has found her theme verses for the year.

News Flash: Rev. Dr. Mom was ORDAINED to the SACRED ORDER OF PRIESTS YESTERDAY! And this very day she celebrated the Eucharist for the first time at her home parish! Glory be to God. We are thrilled for you.

The opening of Reverend Mommy's new building has finally happened! And now she needs a rest.

Emily had a lovely mood change this morning: "suddenly, I could feel God breaking my heart open with love for the people at the rail, and the ones waiting to take communion, and for everything around me."

Tammy Jo celebrates light in darkness, love in pain. Peter has some perfectly gorgeous pictures taken at the local conservatory.

Katherine's library book was turned in all the time, and so there! Don't you hate that! And Chaplain Mom, also, is battling the bureaucracy. Bad Alice has rejoiced her little Firecracker, and you'll never guess how.

Cathy shares a beautiful piece of knitting (could I ever make anything as lovely as a "Spanish Christening Shawl" sounds?) and would appreciate some feedback from any knitty folks out there.

Clever Title is doing her Ordinary Time writing. Me too! Me too! Remember, these can be loaded directly onto the site, and are due there no later than January 30. If you are like me, you have several deadlines for drafts...

Please say a prayer for Christen to hang in there, and for Terri's hospice patient, Mary. And while you are praying for the victims of the Sago Mine explosion, Grandma Jean has an address where you can send aid.

Dash has a wonderful little game to share. HeyJules is thinking about the Middle Man. Kinesis has finished her GOEs! Wahoo! And is singing crazy little songs about it.

Steph is NOT the ringleader of the Blogging through the Bible in 90 Days group - just the person to whom God gave the great idea! I'm not sure how many are in the group total, but several of us RGBP's (including yrs. truly) are embarking on the journey to read the Bible in 90 days and talk about it on the web. Won't you keep us in your prayers? Quotidian Grace is. Also, QG has a little poll you can vote in. Ann, also, is polling her readership.

Joe at Pondering Perfection is asking for our prayers as well, as his newly planted church gets on its feet and prepares to begin advertising its services.

Songbird grieves for Mississippi, and Amy (Butler) is being brave. (Amy also has an amazing story about how she and I are cousins! Don't miss that one.) Telling Truth is doing that, and grieving the loss of a student. Amy Avery is saying farewell.

My husband's company is featured in the local newspaper. My 15 minutes of fame, with really bad hair! And don't miss the great photos over at Polar Bear's.

Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Morning Ring Summary

Songbird sure got a lot of players for today's Friday Five--I didn't know there was so much repressed housewifery in the group. Who needs Martha Stewart or Heloise? Check out the answers in the comments on her post below for all your domestic dilemmas!

As we move into the New Year the topics become more varied. However some bloggers reveal Bible-related resolutions. Steph has organized a virtual Bible in 90 Days reading group and Joel the tentmaker plans to memorize all of the psalms. Blessings on your efforts! Let us know how you're doing.

If you have an idea of what to do with unbaptized folk in the congregation this coming Baptism of the Lord Sunday while you conduct a renewal of baptism vows, please let Beth Quick know. Amy posts a wonderful picture from her ordination showing her celebrating communion for the first time. A conversation with her pastor brings Rachel ephiphanies at Epiphany.
Peripatetic Polar Bear
reveals a hitherto unknown Smartwool socks obsession. Speaking of obsessions, Cats is facing the despair of the tv-aholic cut from her habit. JWD reflects how life happens in small things and Dylan loves the library. Check out Hey Jules' "Best blog of the Week" roundup and find some interesting reading for the weekend. The award for Best Quote of the Day goes to (drumroll please) Emily's hairdresser.

It's interesting to contrast Rev Dr Mom's post about hunting, vegetarianism and the enviornment with brother terry's post about plans to take his son squirrel hunting today. Welcome to new blogger Hermeneutic Land 101--an RN turned Methodist pastor from California. We also hear some exciting news from Jennifer at ordinary time: she is engaged and has set the wedding date for September 2! The QGrace family also has a wedding set for that date and thanks, friends, for all the good wishes.

Many of us have been a jealous wreck over the meet-up between Songbird and St Cassarole in the Katrina-ravaged Deep South this week, but have avidly followed their daily reports. Thanks, ladies, for giving us a window into your visit! We also check in regularly for news from Reverendmother about reverendbaby and are glad whenever she has time to update us. Rebel has another good shoes in the pulpit story for us.

Here's a safe prediction: the new TV series The Book of Daniel will be the subject of many posts. Jane Ellen weighs in with her Memo here. ( Embarrassing Confession: I didn't check it out because it conflicted with my plans to watch What Not To Wear with Babs. Maybe next week.) The Wall Street Journal critic yesterday said Daniel and his family were uptight Northeastern WASPS while Jesus clearly drifted in from California. If you watched, do you agree?
In the Just for Fun and Procrastination Department we find Kathryn taking the Are You a Heretic ? Quiz ( hmmm, what's the penalty? Being burnt at the stake?) and Natty posting the results of her online IQ test. Jo(e) plays the Fours meme. Admire Gallycat's Mennonite apple pie.

This was a difficult week for several of our regular updaters: Pink Shoes went down with a one-two punch of pinkeye and strep throat and is now on the mend. Reverend Mommy is busy celebrating the opening of a new building and Will Smama is "on vacation" but will need another vacation in order to recover. Please include them in your prayers, along with the prayer request from Canticles for a job interview tomorrow.

As always, please let add comments about anything that I missed in the round-up today. It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I hope it is in yours, too.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Rev Gal Friday Five: Housewifery

Rev Gals and Blog Pals, Guest Blogger St. Casserole and I would like to know four household products, utensils or appliances that have served you well and truly. For item #5, please share with us one of the above we should never, ever, under any circumstances purchase or expect to manipulate, use or otherwise operate successfully.

Please let us know in the comments if you play along with us today.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I THOUGHT I was going to be able to do a roundup today. But we have our grand opening in like 72 hours or so (I can't take time to calculate it out...) and I'm going around and "putting out fires."

Please feel free to post your own updates in the comments section.

P.S. I sure miss sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is nice.

And BTW, JoKeR, a guest blogger has already posted his entries onto the Ordinary Time blog. Remember those of you who are writing, post them as drafts and don't worry about formatting at this time. Just get the basic stuff -- scripture, devotional (about 800 to 1200 words), prayer and YOUR NAME you want to use onto the blog. If you aren't a member of the team, email me and I'll issue an invitation to the blog.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Postcard from the Edge

Howdy folks. Our journey has brought us to the west coast of mid-Florida. This is the postcard. Today I visited my father... that is the edge.

Again time is short so I'll post what I can... wow. Time is shorter than I thought. I have been called into the other room. Peace friends and apologies for slacking. Thankfully a good job was done VERY early this morning and once again I invite you to comment on what YOUR blog is up to.

PS - Next Wednesday we will be on the final driving stretch home so there shall be no post from me. Maybe someone else can find the time to fill in, if not... please feel free to move about the cabin... err, webring.

Happy New Year, friends.

Now what?

Well, the obvious themes of Christmas and New Years have run their course and folks are blinking and stretching and looking around for what comes next.

The Church for Starving Artisits is trying to Imagine a new reality. Katherine is experiencing Cornish Game Hen triumph. Blanket in the Grove has a birthday and Brother Terry reminds us of another famous birthday today. Cathy shares almost too much information in her response to the Five Wierd Habits meme.

Clever Title Here blogs about Christmas day in Bethlehem, (yes--THAT Bethlehem). Faith or Fiction is having heat problems--which reminds her of a story . . . Friday Mom reflects on her holiday visit home and that tightrope walk between personal integrity and compassion for loved one's limitations. Preacher Mom is having revelations, Dash ponders the spirituality of lists, Leslee takes a new look at a classic, and Love During Wartime shares some magnetic poetry.

Be well. Do good work. Stay in touch.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year! In addition to all of the wonderful gifts bestowed upon me during this holiday season, I also got sick.

I have pink eye.

And strep throat.

I keep thinking that I really probably should not have led worship yesterday. But I was still in denial and thought I just had a bad sore throat ... Which leads me to the following questions:

1. When was the last time you were really sick?

2. What did it make you appreciate again when you were well?

3. How sick do you have to be before you stay home from leading worship?

4. What is your standard sick food or drink?

5. Who takes care of you when you're sick?

I'm heading back to the couch, where I've spent most of the day. I hope everyone else is well -- really, really well.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Roundup.

Hello out there in blogland!

ReverendMother is having a glorious time with Miss M! Speaking of "with," don'tcha wish we could be flies on the wall at St. Casserole's while Songbird is visiting?

Polar Bear has been to visit a cultural icon with all the Bear family along, and what an outing it was! You need to put down that coffee cup before you read this one!

TammyJo enters the year with a rant! So does Philosophy. Starving Artists wonders if THIS is the year? Mibi and Rev. Dr. Mom stayed up til midnight! Natty went to a party and you can see a photo of same.

Folks either ARE making resolutions, or NOT. Many of you discussed such intent in the Friday Five post. Beyond that,

Mary is not making resolutions herself, but shares some from British clergy. The Episcobrarian has some good ones. Cheesehead is looking back over her year, as is Girl. Pink Shoes thinks about what she LOVES. Rambling asks what you will be passionate about this year?

Peter remembers those who have left us this year, and Ps. 121 bids farewell to Ted, an Hospice patient.

Katherine's been reading Harry Potter! A dandy way to bring in the new year. Kathryn shares from Henri Nouwen. Sue prays for her congregation. First Year Minister is road-tripping. Ann's been sick - dang that flu!

Bad Alice is doing better! And we have a quick check-in from Cats, woo hoo! Lorna has been to church despite the snow and no buses.

CleverTitle is sharing about her Christmas week travelling in Palestine & Israel. Great to hear from Christen. And Jules is thinking about Timelessness.

There's been a sock thief at Leslee's. Joe's woods are moody. Preacher Mom is working on the blogsite & watching movies. LutheranChik is keeping up with the saints :) by will at least!

Susan Rose is celebrating World Peace Day, and MicahGirl is praying for mercy and reading Malachi. (How alliterative!)

SisterChrister has contributed a red sweater. Mark finds confession good for the soul! Amy shares a New Year blessing.

Telling Truth has a great photo of her Rev - don't miss it. And I will shamelessly plug my own blog, with guest writer Buddy (and photos).

Steph sends New Calendar wishes!

Now it's your turn: What calendar have you for this year? I will be using Flylady's calendar, which covers 18 months at a time, and also the Former Congressman Chuckles calendar from (published by Lulu, just like A Light Blazes.)

Have a fun day! I'm off to help DH with some stenciling (on a parking lot).